#194: Could This Simple Hack Reduce Anxiety and Panic Attacks? with Dr. Kristen Allott


Your body's like having a three year old with you all the time and if you feed three year old and get a three year old enough sleep and take the three year old outside to play and they can actually pay attention for long periods of time and self entertain for long periods of time. But if you don't see them and you don't have a schedule and you don't tell them what's going to happen. They are going to make your life help at our body does like our body when we're uncomfortable our bodies trying to say. Hey you miss something. That i actually needed. I hear host of the brooklyn rain podcasts. Today we have a fascinating conversation with. Dr kristen allitt naturopathic doctor was decades of clinical experience in curbing anxiety and panic attacks with a simple hack. No click bait is actually a simple hack that she came up with over the years through her clinical practice that actually work with her patients and it could potentially work for you to a little bit about dr kristen alec. She's naturopathic physician. National speaker and pioneering advocate for the use of whole foods nutrition in the treatment of mental health disorders. Dr is passionate about achievable results. With more than a decade of clinical experience. She has redefined her expertise. On how to promote increased mental health functioning by treating the physical causes of mental health fatigue and sugar cravings dr alad regularly presents at psychiatric nurse practitioner conventions and non pharmaceutical interventions for mental health additionally she consults with the court improvement training academy in washington state to develop the protein for all project to optimize brain function in the high stakes environment of juvenile and family court systems in the state of washington. Stay tuned for our conversation with dr kristen out this episode of the podcast is brought to you by bio optimized for so one of the reasons. Of course i started this podcast. Because i love helping people learn how to optimize their health and many people are okay feeling just okay day to day but with a few simple changes

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