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Subscribe if you like this. Podcast folks Your donations are always welcome. Okay let's get into Let's get into today's program I wanna talk to you about something. That's been bothering me for last couple weeks. And that is Precedence president trump's way to the white house is path. Lot of people don't understand president. Trump did not elect to use the insurrection act. and because he didn't want to use that Thereby given him full authority to use Militia used the military everything to rein in the bad guys i e the democrats and then also Collect and gather all the ballots to fraudulent ballots and just do a ballot count and so because he did do that. What president trump is banking on is on january six vice president. Mike pence. he's going to do a count of the electoral all the electors This is the final lecture. The elector count and so He'll do that since he's the president of the senate. He has that right to do that. So a lot of states. The state electors mostly gop. Electors in these states have decided that they dealt want to They don't want to say that their electors are valid. And they want to contest this process. And that's the best thing since was so many. There is over. Ted million fraudulent votes folks over ten million i mean the numbers astronomical and for the supreme court thus far not to take up the case through texas and so on and so forth is beyond. It's beyond reasoning this beyond comprehension. But what i just want to say is that you have Vice president mike pence. Who's gonna count all the electors on behalf since he's the president of the senate so when he does the count he's gonna total everything up at that time these fifty states the electors from these fifty states he's representatives that are casting their electors on behalf of every state here in the united states and the republic they can either contest contest the fact that the vote that the votes there's voting irregularity and they can contest that an ask mike pence to not count the electors with mike pence decides. He does not want to count these electors based on fraudulent votes Let me give you an example. A couple examples michigan michigan and the detroit metro area surrounding areas Very very bad Thousands upon hundreds of thousands of votes there in the whole state of michigan but especially bad and that area detroit. Another area we're talking about is philadelphia pennsylvania very bad known for fraud. Just like detroit. Same same type of deal. There's lots and lots and lots of fraud pittsburgh as well but very bad in philadelphia up in wisconsin. You have wisconsin wisconsin's broken into two a couple places The worst place would be one of the big cities. They're in the state of wisconsin milwaukee wisconsin same type of thing. Same thing as Detroit same thing is Philadelphia lots and lots and lots of thousands of thousands of voter fraud now. We're seeing here. Obviously and georgia georgia. They send out the heck with it they were just going to to Cast everything out and suppos-ably the job p the republicans on behalf of georgia are gonna ask that their electors not be counted. if that's not gonna be counted. Then that's gonna set. Joe biden i e suppos-ably the president in lacked. That's going to set him back because he can't say that he won the electors of the state of georgia. And they're going to do that. They're going to contest in lots and lots and lots of states. So we're mike pence comes in if there is a somebody can test the electors from that state. Then what happens is that's his job to decide if he's going to count since he's the president of the senate since he's going to count those electoral votes and if he decides to say ooh i'm gonna throw you out. I'm going to throw out the the electors for the state of pennsylvania. I'm gonna throughout the electors from the state of michigan. I'm gonna throughout the electors from the state of wisconsin georgia and maybe even arizona. Why rat it. So if you take back those five states. Joe biden i e the president elect. He does not get the votes. He does not hit the to seventy mark and so if he does that what happens in the process. I don't know if you guys really know this or not but what happens in. The electoral process is then. It goes to the house. If if vice president mike pence throws out the electors this goes to the house of representatives for a vote in the house. Now there's fifty states we all know fifty states. A lot of people don't know that out there but there are fifty states here in united states each state gets one vote folks just one vote and when they get one vote that means that they're going to cast it for the president and then they'll take up the vote for the president. Mother taken up the vote for the president. Then what happens is that they decide. It's it's a thirty twenty split in the house The gop the republican have more votes in the house is far is conservative. States that are that are controlled by conservative Lectures they would win. The president trump would win the president in the house. Now the senate would go to a vote and again same thing they would cast a vote and guess what they would vote for. No doubt mike pence so that would be trump's way from a technical standpoint through the constitution of the united states to win re election the united states. And that's what he's banking on. He's banking on Mike pence Coming to the rescue now. I like mike pence. I think mike pence is a good guy. Former governor of the state of indiana. He's a good man. He's a good christian man. he is a decent man. But i also mike pence realizes that he's been on a roller coaster ride for awhile. And i don't know if he wants to stay on it. I think he wants to get off. Mike pence has At least a ten year plus record of being in congress where he's a congressman and That type of thing. So he's played the game for a long time. He understands the deal very very well. He understands the constitution Is he going to support trump. I don't know. I don't know That's the million dollar question but rather than again go into a way where trump would imposed insurrection. act trump. should it did that rather than just rely on a man. Just rely on one thing and rely on mike pence again. I like mike pence. I hope nothing against mike pence. But i think that he might crack under the pressure. I don't think that he's willing to say. I'm going to out these electoral votes These electors from these various states. That did commit voter fraud. I don't think he's gonna do that. But

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