62: Round Trip

Israel Story


On their hunt for interviewees start with english. Thank you so low. Sorry to speak hebrew. English talk show need to be done. It doesn't cut esto. Mill made his elevator pitch. Most people looked pretty skeptical. I answered the phone. That guy was A football player go said so you to keep doing this for the obama era now over four like non cooperative so eventually they did end up finding a willing couple. they'll been chiefs. Learn seventy four year. Old la and seventy three year old live originally from petersburg now living in the shiites i really would talk meals trying to convince them to take off their masks for the picture. Live had just landed from bulgaria. Get were the spent. The last seven months skiing picking mushrooms call. We spoke at great length about climate change. Climate change climate Limited him alon mosque soviet. Stick elon musk. Sui villa no nuclear new york learning hebrew gadgets. New law allows the irony is insane and live shared his conviction that life really only begins in retirement cream. Mcclellan by pincer from there the conversation kind of meander around till you last one final question hi mojo looking back at life. She said timothy mushrooms. Shounak do anything differently leterrier. Maybe we would have had more. Kids live answered with a bit of sadness in his eyes. Meet your dial sukey off laugh. Yeah yeah agreed. We were always just too busy. And it's moments like that really made me. And so many other israelis fall in love with this column. Do you think that readers find it interesting I think everybody has like story to tell people like to hear about regular people the curious to hear people that they will never speak with them and the thing. That's special about the column. I think that it's that the people are not like they are special but they are not special. I mean there are not like someone that has this amazing achievements or or did something grade or one a novel or something. There are like regular people and it's them. Has this kind of personal story. You see a person in the street and you wonder you know what what keeps inside of the story. You know you feel like there's a story to another people carry story that wants to be told inside of them. You know in a way so speaking of stories that want to be told. Hey i mean she harmon and this is israel story now in a normal year many of you would be listening to this episode at an airport or on a plane or during a really long car ride but twenty twenty was most definitely not a normal year so in our episode today round trip we bring you to less than normal travel stories stories of people going back home but doing so having gained some sort of new understanding new appreciation of the place. There from having done this for so long. Do you see a difference between people. Leaving israel people coming back to israel. I can say that the borders are so open. You see such a variety of people going in and leaving incoming in in in in moving and it's moving location. It's very interesting. This like inbetween space like in between being abroad that to being israel of being home being away this space. It's like a this limbo space that allows them to tell something in in a different location. They won't be thinking about or like. I think it puts them like in a very special position that makes them Realized things about their lives without their plans things. They did the about the thing that would like to do. Two years ago higher gilboa. Her husband malik sharon in their two young sons. Malin of shalom left jerusalem and relocated to san diego where monica was offered a post. Doc position in highland did a great job at an amazing foundation. They quickly settled into the so cal. Lifestyle in the boys loved their new kindergarten friends. Everything seemed good then. Cova arrived in with a heightened sense of foreignness in longing. Act one sia. Here's hi gilboa. March twenty six twenty twenty. It's five thirty. Am when the uber driver calls. He's already outside community. Early accidentally knock over water as a scramble to get ready sharp. Sound rinks out across the house. Mike wakes up and stops me at the door placing a tired hint on my shoulder. I know what he's about to say. So i get ahead of it and cut him off. I'm in a hurry. i tell him. If i don't leave now all he traffic and the doctor won't win any family americans. You know wants to tell me again that he doesn't think that the test is necessary but he understands from my expression that have already made up my mind. Okay he says. Call me when you're done. I step outside. It's late march in southern california and there is a cool breeze caring raindrops. sharp as pins is deepened. My coke in slip into the car driver looks up and in a foreign accent mexican maybe says. Are you ready man. I see you're going to the hospital. It's been a long drive twenty minutes max. Lean against the window and exactly as it was with the test for of shalom for years ago and the test from for three years before that i'm thrown back to the memory of that morning in jerusalem in two thousand twelve pregnant for the first time lang in a tiny room that's amounts couples during many words float around me. Her still young. The anonymous voices are saying. There's no reason not to try again right away. And after that nothing darkness. All i remember is that my stomach failed. Empty my heart. Where are you from that. Over driver asks bringing me back to the san diego freeway israel. I reply. Oh i'm christian. He's excited and looks back at me in the mirror. I dream is to go there. Have you been to jerusalem. I smile and imagined the traffic on gaza street. He's noisy conflict. That would wake us every morning.

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