Mr. Fruit Got Robbed

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State farm is there. Hi-de-ho munnings mr fruit and welcome to this week's gee-gee g over easy episode. Say she five so glad. You're here if you say that. The parents comment section loses their fucking minds. I guess what rob what sixty five is. A prime number is it. I heard i had to wait. 'til episodes sixty seven to have my favorite prime number as far as more i six partner pre shirts partner. I dunno. apparently your comments sexual let you know. Wait no fifteen right routine. No not fifteen. Five i guess five. Okay yeah not a prime number number. My was the allowing seems yeah anyway. You don't come here for math and it's people like hearing them. Listen math is it. Makes my head hurt. Because i'm in school and wittily just learned about prime numbers. Oh really well ten years later. I'm going to ask you about random math knowledge and see if you remember. Mara i remember all right this week. We talk about pokemon like we always do. Yeah we up. I opened up some these new cool japanese sets. She can watch that too. We do our best to describe it For you audio listener I had robbery Yet yeah came out of nowhere got robbed a dad. That's right a you got. Hey odds are you got quick. Okay are you okay man. It was like you'll have to find out. Man is okay. It was craziest while cyber roof. It's just been a world kosher gets it's actually finally coming out. It's coming out. I've had a little bit of time. And now the just need roller coaster. I think he's doing it. Too much justice i think like a straight kinda down nosedive Bungee diving but if got the bungee cord and so much more questions whatnot. Anyway we ran. Belong to for this intro. Because that's the podcast baby. Hope you guys enjoy. Let's get into it The ladies and gentlemen nature favorite podcast your favorite day as a sixty five g g over easy podcast presented by the advertisers. You here on this video. Thank you in advertisers. Yeah we appreciate you. We started with like boy magazine. And now we're here. That's like the first sponsor you ever said was gave her boyd. E e e boy or something is made up but they they had never came back. Yeah you know one one go and then let you know. It wasn't really for us So in today's episode. We got some stuff to talk about. Because that's what we do here at a podcast. We talk you guys. Choose to listen or you choose to not listen. Would you talk about things and stuff kind of like my mom growing up. you know. she's she can. She can listen. But i don't blame her of the time she chose not to listen to me And as a parent. I would do that a lot. Too stupid questions. So she i do to survive with kids. Like there's gotta be like just a level filter. Just ignore your kids a certain amount. How old were your parents when they had you guys. Are they your age when they had you at this point or no like. Are you saying. I love those means where it's like my parents at twenty two. It's like do you want to buy a house get married and have kids and it's not a two hundred six kid. Yes at twenty six. I can afford this kid cuisine. A new league of legends skin. We go what are you drinking there. just trying it it's Some electrolyte water stuff. You put it in water. i'm gonna ask. It looks like it's supposed to be like fruit. Citrus flavor and it's Doodoo flavor but you know what i'm getting those electrolytes so we'll see if that helps a little but it tastes pretty butts grants on the electrolytes. Thanks yes can i say. I don't need gatorade open. You don't need brand names. Plus there's a lot of sugar and stuff. So i love gatorade. But it's so bad for you for not working out in your drinking terry bad few very bad for you. You might as well just bring like sugar. it's bad. Like sodas better and you know that saying something. I love soda. As far as my parents. I was trying to think my dad was about thirty eight while but i was at fourth kid And then from mom she would aban like thirty four. Okay now's your second. She had her first and she was twenty seven a year older than me. He and i think my dad his i was like twenty eight or twenty nine. Yeah my dad's. I was twenty twenty eight which is two years from now which is definitely not on track. We're almost there. The crazy thing is my grandparents. They married the day after their high school. Graduation and nine months later had a kid. My mom So and then and then they had another kid at twenty and like the crazy thing was up until my mom and obviously now my generation a couple years ago. I was sitting in the room with like my great great grandma. Whatever because like that's how close the is located just like eighteen years between ever prices. I bought like pop pop pop pop pop and this is world doesn't work that way quite the same anymore or at least scale no okay so now no are married are

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