Show 46 '1992 Comedienne of the Year' Cathy Ladman - burst 02


I would open for jay and road and Which were great gigs. Because he's audiences fantastic and he initially. He was doing two hours and twenty minutes. Wow which is insane. And then we cut it back for an hour and a half. Yeah he is just a comedy machine. When it comes to stand up in fact He still loves getting out in doing long sats in the as the material for it and i can totally understand that you enjoyed opening for him because like j. Your very talented manala gist but clean as well and i think the two of you would be a terrific team. Onstage a trumpet. Yeah yeah. That's that's a better term complementary to each other yes Not not not that. We pay so the compliments. No the kato compliment but But i remember this one time i was opening for jay south of chicago and it was such a was like labor day weekend. Something in there was such horrible traffic. I was stuck in traffic. I ended up getting to the theater. Like like fifteen minutes or twenty minutes before i get on stage and i was and i was you know i was grinding from travelling and i tried to i was i had a shower in my dressing room and i. I opened the shower curtain towel and getting ready and opened the shower curtain. And there's like no handle to turn on the water and was just like a like a like a pipe sticking out and i'm like going around back they'd have meet alone those fires and nobody had been and so i ended up to sewing on stage like dirty from and just putting on my clothes and i had one of the best shows i ever had because my defenses are so down i just you know not everything was going my way and just had a roll with it and it was just such a great audience. My god

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