The Book of Genesis: Looking At The Book Of Beginnings

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Is the book of genesis. Well it's the book beginnings and so it's telling us what happened at the beginning of the story that is going to form the entire arc of the biblical story. But it's important to remember that it's not just telling us what happened in the beginning. It's telling us what god did in the beginning and so it keeps god as the central figure of all of the action and that can actually as we head into this Season that lovey. Who wanna keep top of mind because we start to talk about whereas in the first eleven chapters. We talked about four events Creation fall flood and babble now in the second half of the book which is actually much longer than the first half. We're gonna talk about four. People abraham isaac jacob and joseph. I'm so mad at you right now in this present moment because when you say stuff like that it makes me. Did you have that going into next. Because i have been preparing episode run sheets and not one single time. Have you said we'll call. You know the first eleven chapters are really four events and the next forty eight chapters or thirty eight chapters for people because that would have been a great line from somebody else. I mean come on. It's not like i sit around at night map in this stuff out. Yeah and i'm never up to snuff so it asked the story. Arc moves toward a description of people. We do want to bear in mind that the central figure is still going to be y'all way and how he's acting in the earliest recorded Stories of human history for us so But but again it's a book beginnings meaning that all of the and i think we said last season. The genesis is often referred to succeed. Pot of the bible is where all of those themes wanna see go. All the way through to revelation are being set up for us. So that's what we spent a long time last season and we'll do this season doing is looking for what are those. What are the threads in. How can we begin to see them with greater ease and regularity as we move into the rest of the scriptures us great so okay so genesis book of beginnings first eleven chapters four people. Next section. Twelve through fifty is for events but jt. Why would why would. Why would we spend all this time studying. Yeah i did just get it backwards. And i said it backwards. Genesis eleven four events genesis. Twelve fifty four people in residual. Okay so jt. Why would we spend a whole season studying genesis. I mean like why not. Just get to the good stuff in the new testament and just roll. Yeah so. I mean. One of the things that i i think. The lord's really teaching me right. Now that i'm trying to learn in my ability to be a bible reader and a bible teacher is to see how really the whole story of scripture is in those first three chapters. It's also in those first eleven chapters that we did last semester. It's then it's in the next fifty minutes in the pentateuch. The first five books of the bible that really when you look at genesis to revelation the whole story of scripture which we think forms hold disciples wanted list hopes in this podcast. Is that you just know. The story of the bible may be able to participate in be participants in the story. And you can't. You can't participate in the store. You don't know is that they would see they would see that. The story of the bible really finds its seed form all of its hyper links through the rest of scripture. Here in the book of genesis genesis. I don't want to say that there's any book that's not foundational. We love all sixty six. The bible not including third corinthians kyle but all six bucks at arrival We we need to know. We need to love. Because god has put treasures there for us. But i i i do wanna say this carefully. Genesis is one of those primary pillar books that you don't get it right. It's going to be hard to get the rest of the story right. Yeah i think what you're saying. Jt makes sense. And i think one of the interesting things is when you read. Genesis is with somebody that you're playing and maybe you've also read a gospel or you're helping them read through the gospels. At the same time you start to realize that a lot of the the themes or the The images of the pictures or the the concepts of the theology. That's in genesis. And a really pronounced way is deliberately being communicated in the gospels and that those connections sometimes are really on the

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