Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god of chaos

Mythical Monsters


Cosmology was based on the everlasting war between light and shadow on the side of light was the feathered serpent quetzalcoatl. The god of knowledge and on the side of shadow was his brother. The jaguar tez cattle polka sometimes associated with dark magic and discord but tense cattle. Polka is not purely an evil being in the aztec language of nahuatl. His name translates to smoking mirror. And he's often depicted alongside and obsidian mirror. Obsidian is shiny jet black form of volcanic glass and a key element of the jaguar. Mythos to the ancient aztecs. Obsidian was a mysterious almost sacred. Object warriors and kings adorned themselves in jaguar. Skin and carried obsidian blades to honor. Tez cattle polka. According to some stories shamans would gaze hours into obsidian disks as a way to gain insight into the dark corners of their psyche. The closer they got to their shadow self the closer they were to test cattle polka. The story of quetzalcoatl and says cattle pope as struggle was told in a cycle of endless creation and destruction. Over the course of five ages. Each one saw different god the role of the sun. The god in the position of the sun would ultimately be overtaken by the other god and the world's population would be destroyed and recreated stories of quetzalcoatl and tez cuddle. Polka were so influential that they affected as tech politics adorned with the same job war skin associated with tez cattle polka emperor. Montezuma the second was often seen as god in the eyes of his subjects when the spanish invaded mexico in fifteen nineteen some say that montezuma assumed spanish leader her nan. Cortez was quetzalcoatl reincarnated. This was due to the fact. That cortez was white. A color most often associated with quetzalcoatl though. This may not be true. The bloody conflict between the spanish. And the aztec would prove to be no less apocalyptic so apocalyptic that dark feline god had to lend his people a helping hand or claw. Captain fernando de la casa. Found himself alone in the jungle. He could not remember how he got there. Or why and his surroundings gave him few clues. It was so dark. The young captain could barely make out his hand in front of his face. That's when he heard it. He turned and saw an enormous jaguar. Bare its teeth. By the time he drew his sword. It was already too late. For nando woke up breathless his cod soaked with sweat for the last few days. He'd had the nightmare whenever he tried to close his eyes. The jaguar was there waiting for its prey. Only tonight it felt more real than it ever had before. He swung his legs over the side of his caught his heart. still racing. Sleep would be impossible tonight. So fernando left his quarters deciding to take a walk through the empty streets of ten. No ch teeth land.

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