19 burned bodies found near Mexico-U.S. border


At least nineteen burned bodies were found near the texas mexico border this weekend. It's suspected the deaths are tied to cartel violence as texas public. Radio's maria menounos. Reports officials are working to identify whether any of the victims were migrants. The charred remains were found to burn vehicles in the mexican town of something neat that molly bus officials said. That's about forty miles away from the yoga. And the city on the texas side of the border the only state prosecutor's office said late saturday that the body had gunshot wounds and that they found rifles according to the associated press. But it's believed the victims were initially killed elsewhere because no shells were found rumors that central american migrants are among the dead have also surfaced that. Ap reported the watermelon embassy and consulate told reporters in a statement. They've activated aid protocols and are working with mexican authorities to identify whether any of the victims were of watermelon nationality. I might i'm in this in light

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