Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold off Green Bay Packers to punch Super Bowl ticket


In credit George Wallace and now for the field goals already no more field goals. That's right, especially when you're down by a number of points need to score touchdowns. Yeah, Madam Flora's gonna be hearing that for quite some time. Aziz Green Bay falls to Tampa Bay. Of course, Going to the Super Bowl will play at home home team for the first time, and Patrick Holmes, the Kansas City Chiefs going back looking for a chance to repeat how about this guy's Patrick Mahomes was in kindergarten. When Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl time Ray's gonna hear a lot of those things I think over the next couple of weeks as they get set to face off in two weeks in Tampa, Aaron Rodgers, one of the next big question marks for him. He says he doesn't know what's next for him. And for the

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