George Clooney Recalls the Day He Was Drunk on Set of One Fine Day

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Okay. We have to talk about george clooney and his crazy drunken confession. It all went down on varieties actors on actors series. Clooney did an interview with his one. Fine day co star michelle pfeiffer and. They reminisced about a time. George showed up to set drunk. I woke up. And i like the alarm like five thirty in the morning and five in the morning i feel okay and then i looked in the still to this set and we wanted to. The trail has set down at your beagle watt. We're going to work today. You see where we we did. A wonder where you and i are talking back and forth to each other and i kept trying to spray like whatever mouse i think i smelled like a distillery. That sucks that that has happened. You know that happens says because we get like last minute shoots not so much now during the pandemic the back whatever life was normal and it was like oh justin can't make it. Can you go to this red carpet and you really unhappy. I'm sure i'll try to swing by seven o'clock wing. It sometimes your best interviews though lit drink on fridays. sometimes those are shows

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