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United States has now seen more than 25 million confirmed cases of the Corona virus, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally, And some of the more recent cases have sparked concern because they're of the UK variants of the virus. It's thought to be more contagious. Is it more deadly? The dean of Brown University School of Public Health doctor is she shot tells ABC there needs to be more research. There is some preliminary evidence that it may be Alternatively, it could be that the variant hit the UK when their hospitals were overwhelmed. And we know in hospitals get overwhelmed mortality rates than to rise the bidet administration instead of gold of administering 100, million doses of the vaccine in 100 days and other goals to reopen American elementary schools in that timeframe, surgeon General designate Dr Vivek Murthy tells ABC is this week. Schools also need money and know how for that to happen. You've got to get them those resources. If we get them, the resource is in the guidance. I do think that we can get on a path of reopening schools more safely. But it's also gonna take us getting the background number of cases down in our communities. And that's where we all come in. The new president has called on Congress to act on economic relief. He's proposed a $1.9 trillion package. The early days of his administration appear to be something of a political honeymoon, says ABC. Chuck's Iverson. 69% of the latest ABC News Ipsos poll, including 40% of Republicans approve of Mr Biden's handling of the coronavirus 57% have count. But inside the president's ability to unify the country is executive actions on covert climate and immigration are supported by clear majorities. Republicans support plummets for his directives on immigration like ending the Muslim travel ban. It was a travel ban enacted by then President Donald Trump of faces another impeachment trial in the Senate for incitement of insurrection is representatives have not commented on The New York Times report that he considered removing the acting attorney general, replacing him with an official more sympathetic to his efforts to overturn his loss. You're listening to ABC News Thistles

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