How Lawrence Harvey Zeiger Became Larry King


Harvey My dad's name. Zeder in Brooklyn, New York, Laurence Harvey is eager to try and he started his radio career at a very small station in Miami Beach. And needless to say, his boss didn't love the name Lawrence Zeder. So if you understand how he became Larry King. Here's how the story went courtesy of Conan O'Brien. Now King is not your real last name. Is that right? What is your real Last name? Gi Girl was born with the name Lawrence Harvey's Iger's e E I g e R And I got the name King. In a funny way. My first day on the radio, all my life I've dreamed of being underrated. This was my I never want to be anything else but a broadcaster finally get hired A small station Miami Beach. Finally, my dreams come true. Get a job. Gonna start Monday morning is a disc jockey and all weekend. I'm nervous on practicing and it's quarter to nine small radio station general manager Close me and he says, Well, you're ready. I said, I'm ready. This is your big day. You're starting radio. I was 22 years old. Yes, This is what name you going to use my says Larry Zeiger, he said you can't use it. That's a wise Well, it's ethnic people won't know how to spell it. They won't remember it. I said, Well, what? Whoa! I'm nervous enough. And he had the Miami Herald Open. I was an ad for Kings wholesale liquors. On. He said. Wait a minute. That's what the air was. Kings Wholesale liquors 1925 Walden Road, Huh? Says, Why don't you take Larry King? So you're named after a sale on booze? I am there grow vast liquors there. Wow. Could have been Larry Wholesale letter. I know that could've been you see, Accepted. What Worse He's right. He could have been a lot of words. Andy, you know I love you. I love you. Do not break and you know, you know why your career hasn't bounced for because you would have named the guy Larry, Larry and I tell you, and that would have been funny for a week. There's about they would never, ever. That would shut ins that would have made me the Here are their hero, but they never would have been a Larry's wholesale liquor live 10th anniversary. Very

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