Hawkeyes can't back up their lofty ranking, suffer humbling loss to Indiana


Leg. I think we might need to revisit. The word realistic. The definition is as follows. Having were showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected. I bring this up because on wednesdays. Podcast i asked you if you believed indiana had a realistic chance to win at iowa on thursday night you said no. I said no. Just didn't seem like a sensible or practical idea of what can be achieved or expected and for at least three reasons. One iowa is clearly better than indiana in the season to iowa would have the best player on the court. In the form of luca garza an three iowa was inside carver. Hawkeye arena where it inner with a nine and record. Obviously you know what happened next score indiana iowa sixty nine not n- is roy j carver famed industrialists rolling over in his grave. Norlander what was it like for you to watch and unrealistic thing. Become a reality late thursday night. Miriam webster defines the word regret as sorrow aroused by circumstances beyond one's control or power to repair. That game was out of my control. It was out of your control of conduct or an event giving rise to regret undesirable unwelcome. And as that game played out and as it got into the second half. I thought this is interesting. This is look this indiana getting a good win. I was really going to take this loss all right. You know what this is. This'll be something good to talk about on the. Oh wait a second. What did we say at the end of the last podcast. We said too much did we. Did we call it a little too far. Yeah did i have someone tweet at me. A link to the definition of realistic. You bet your ass. I did congrats indiana fans although you might be super conflicted this morning here because obviously you want your team to do well. Obviously a decent portion of you just love basking self loathing when archie miller doesn't performance walls coaches. You'd like you got a good win here. This is the kind of win. That's gonna get you into the ncaa tournament. like i. i think the hoosiers someway somehow they're going to be in that incident tournaments if it's because of a win like this. Are you suggesting that was a cpap win was well. They're not maybe it was. How about a vaulting win. They might not have been in prior to this game. Get the win vaulted. And that's even better than the seat. Bump vault vault launch it right there like a catapult right over great job i indiana i gotta figure this is probably a top five win of the season considering iowa's a top five team in the metrics. It is a game on the road again even though it's not a true true wrote environment. It's still a so. This is one of the five wins and think anyone has had the season and india. It wasn't like the squeaked it out they got it done. They beat an iowa team that i checked late last night. I'll bring up right now. Yes i was still third at ken palm as we report this podcast on friday morning and the win by twelve so a wonderful job. Clearly you know. That's the kind of game if i speak to. The hawk is real quick. And you're right. I actually have in my notes cover. Hawkeye's rolling over in his nest. Not his grave. He's really covering his nest That defense there is obviously problematic for iowa. That's the that's the kind of game. Where whether you're a fan. Or just a bit of a skeptic of the hawkeyes early this is why i don't know if i can take them to get to the final four. I still can get there. It was just a disappointing performance. What you see on on thursday night and what was your primary take away. Okay let me tell you. I experienced this indiana comeback. So obviously we we. We have a new president now and the country has been an interesting place to live in recent weeks and a guy with the high school with who was like a genuinely good guy but we see the in completely different ways In probably every election of our our lives. I've voted one way. And he has voted another and so he reached out to me and he said hey. Listen i i want to try to better understand like i keep hearing people say you know you need to listen to other people and i want to try to understand in an and you can see if you would it. Be okay if i reached out to you every once in a while and say. Hey well what do you think about this. What do you think about that and he. Here's what i think about this. And what am i missing. And i thought it was like a sweet gesture and so i said sure. Of course i'd be happy to talk gone. Eleven biden voters chatty to you like that by the role of the roles are reversed. And i said you know what i of course and anytime you wondering why so. Why does gp think this way. Or why do i think this way. And you want to bounce off of me. And i'm here of course.

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