A highlight from Bolding going....to a galaxy far far away (Part 2)


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan began. Welcome to the omega particle. I am your gracious and humbled host jonathan wiegand streaming to you across the alpha quadrant as i nestle in my bunker on the east coast of the united states. And wow it has been a probably been what a couple. A couple of weeks since our last podcast. I know i took some time off for the holidays which was desperately needed It's good to kind of relax with family and friends and enjoy bringing christmas and new years and this was actually my son's first christmas so obviously i wasn't pandering over the podcast so i was enjoying that time. Hopefully you guys enjoyed Those holidays in head. A lot of fun like it was Twenty twenty was crazy year so kind of glad for to be over with and move on to twenty twenty one. I feel like things are picking up the vaccine. Now i just my my boys notre dame made into the college football playoff destroyed but still counts. Still made it either. What you came here to listen about anyway Welcome to the program and today we will be concluding our star wars star trek comparison. Crossover denier whatever. You wanna call it series. And i realized that this series is the more i research particularly. This episode could literally be like a book like people. And i know like my research. People have written books on this and did college term papers. And it's just this monstrosity. Almost of information out there. So i really tried to limit it to a couple of subjects. That will get into to really show the divide between the franchises and we had one of our friends come over for christmas Celebration i guess you could say it. And she was saying she's like well. Yeah they're just differences main difference. I find fantasy and of course that's very true but we'll get into particularly this episode will show. Yes i find fantasy. Don't mix but this these two franchises even if they were still in the same Would you call john. Nra still would be very difficult to mix just because they're so fundamentally different now won't really go hot and heavy right into that because we got some crazy news star. Trek news at has happened over the past couple of weeks. And of course if you're paying attention of your big into discovery already know this but if you're not do you know. We hit eight hundred episodes as a fan base. Eight hundred episodes of star trek material have been produced. Then is ridiculous. I think Was it luna lunar little sandbox. Okay so it's wild twenty five days straight a little over twenty five straight of north of star trek. So that is that is obsessive. I don't know that includes movies. Or but i think it's just the tv shows because that that's crazy so Eight hundred episodes of material. And this is why. I've always tried to tell people. Look man like i love star wars but star trek me and we got that we got that depth. You know we. We got that long drawn out debt that can rival really any serious. Maybe not doctor who but Which i don't know anything about. I think it's great. It's a huge milestone great accomplishment for the for the fan base in for just all the content out there and i'm so happy that we're getting new stuff and that it's It's very good. I've enjoyed discovery. And yes the now. The seasons kind of wrapping up. I'm plan to play a season in review massive episode and talk about it as opposed to just those weekly episodes because man that takes a lot out of you. I'm not gonna lie doing a two episodes a week on the podcast so anyway Moving on from that huge milestone. Another hot hot. Take and go up the mike hot. Take that. Voyager documentary is finally. Got some news. And i know because a covert. It's kind of just been this up in the air really don't know of projects going. We finally got some hardcore news from garrett wang so during the virtual con thing was a couple couple

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