#414: Friend Zone w/ Brendan Sagalow


Whoa do you ever get the thing. We were sitting close garlic this far away. Yeah let's do it real quick. We're not sure kiss. You're sitting talking. Let's say it's a two seater couch and you're watching tv and it's kind of like this and maybe she's like kinda maybe puts her on what it was. Do you ever get the tingling sensation it goes from about here to about here yet out your lower chest a midway through your what is yeah. I think that's no above. Yeah do you ever get that. That tingling yeah. I get like eight in my hung and everything like when i'm like okay. This is it you know. Little mermaid crabs coming out and kiss the girl. And i'm going this. Is it so. I have a theory a hypothesis. That when you are going to get that tingling yeah you only get that if they're feeling it too kid a main way to put a weekend burger this but you own love everybody. And welcome to our fear. Skeptic tank podcast. I'm your host are. You should

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