A highlight from Episode 61 - GUEST Daniel Thomas - Duo Bracket, UFC Fail and Least Favorite Limb


To episode. Sixty one of the spivey special podcasts. Finally get a guy. That's not as athletic as us. I mean we all right. We have a very fun guest. This week we just met him about five minutes ago he did. This is fun. I mean we've been basically social media dayton for a week now so amid pretty serious stuff. Um we have the owner of dynamic training coach d. t. daniel thomas miss jackson. If you're nasty very fun exciting guests. Getting thomas welcome to the show. Thank you thank you. I'm super excited. So we're excited to have you to. We don't know where to start. No we don't so we're just going to go get going with get to know your guests laurent. Bring back get this. We've had a lot of guests recently. But we skip the segment that we created specifically to get to know the guest because we usually know the guests. I mean we wanted to have start mom and dad and our wives question. It is fun. The spivey brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is it who is sit back and let's find out together with get to know your guest all right. Tell us about you own man. Well yeah as eighth grade. And you're introducing yourself to your classmates all about me. High class is daniel thomas. I am the head speed coach and owner of dynamic training. I've been an athlete my entire life so sports fitness is a huge part of who i am But a lot of people don't know the other parts of who i am. And so that's why. I'm super pumped to be on this podcast. Because i think we're gonna talk about all things non fitness and. That's what i'm about today. let's do it. Wow that is pretty rude. We are sitting right to be fair that we are all about not fitness lead. Don't think we've ever talked about it. So as we wrote the first outlined we send it over to dt. And he's like. I don't think that's how you do a push up. So i'm not even gonna talk about that with. I love it. Because i think you guys are going to pull out information that like ninety nine percent of the world doesn't know about me and it's going to be a completely different side and there's two questions you didn't know you you know so yes hundred percent this. Open it up real quick. We had one about fitness. But i got bored reading it halfway through so if you could be a will ferrell character an have to live that life. Who would you choose holy moly. That's such a hard. But easy. One hundred percent ricky bobby talladega nights eight pound six ounce baby. Jesus they're just not too much. I don't like about that man. He's all about america about winning. And that that is my guy one thousand percent. Even though i do enjoy we were trying to watch the movie kicking and screaming today a humongous soccer fan but will ferrell. Just make a fan of whatever he does. I mean we just became a fan of you because soccer is definitely on the bottom tier of sport. If you've heard any of our shows in the past zach. Do you have an answer to that question. So i saw you at it like randomly throughout the day got an alert headed the notes. I did like two minutes of research. Which is more than normal so too. 'cause i couldn't pick it would either be. It'd be the anchorman quality. Because i think he's got such chill life. Yeah but just like the san diego anchor. I don't need to be like the worldwide network. One just gonna thanks rain here. He has those awesome parties. You get hang out with champion and it just seems like a great time and then the other one would be his character from night at the roxbury okay. He has an old school. He had the least pressure in his entire life. He basically just wakes up at like two o'clock in the afternoon and then they go to the club every night. And that's what he does. I'm so happy to steal mine. I would be jackie moon from semi pro because the tropics and then being popular for one song in that era is my era sixty s and seventy. I would in a heartbe. i knew. Jackie men. I don't want to give it back. I don't want to give it back all right. I don't want so i think now. What's next is halloween. We all we need to dress up as that version of will ferrell. Because i would love to see you. And jackie moon outfit. You don't want it i mean about. We'll talk about tiktok minute but yeah that's basically. What zack did in the latest tiktok was jackie. Moon out boy all right. So what's your favorite kiana reuse movie matrix hands down for me most people you'll don't like because that's kind of mean to say i don't think a lot of people like his movies for the most part here a lot of smack talk about kiana ribs but every time matrix comes on. I don't own it. But everytime on tv i click it and i have to watch secretly wish that i could be. That would be the one have. Those powers asked that question. When i was a manager at best buy two new employees. I would ask what is your favorite kiana reeves. Movie not counting the matrix. But i think it's been enough movies since when i started asking that question that i didn't think that would be the one. Because he's in john wick. He's in all kinds of different. I feel like he's really popular john wick. That's like a big one. Yeah 'cause there's like john john wick twelve is. I think that's the best. I'd probably be the replacements. Ooh that's a good one.

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