Use Books (And The Internet) As A Door, Not A Mirror



Well i just finished a number. Netflix series lockdown is certainly helped me. Take care of my to do list on netflix. If nothing else and this time it was the series. Pretend it's a city which is a short interview series. Between martin scorsese director. And fran liebowitz the american author and humorist and fran is a lover of books and in this series. She talks about her love of book several times but one of the lines that really grabbed me was way. She said that a book should really be a door into a new world. And that's the beauty of reading books particularly when you're young it's a chance for you to escape the world. You're in a chance for you to go into another fantasy world or at least to learn about another different world. And i guess the inference in a lot of what she was saying was that. That's what's missing today because we're not reading books like we should or as like we used to and i think it's an interesting comparison to the internet because these days in the internet. We're all stuck into this world of social media which oftentimes thanks to the algorithms of course is really a mirror. It's a reflection of what we are interested in what we like and what we do. It doesn't necessarily show us new things over time. And that's the serendipity that fran talks about in this series as well of walking into a bookstore and just discovering a book opening it up using that as the door into this new world. Learning something that you did not know so. I think the comparison really is apt in today's world. And i think we should be using books as we should the internet and social media and everything else that lives on the internet as a door not just as a mirror that reflects who we are and what we are and it's something you may recall. He's got a very good memory. I spoke about way back in episode fifty to this show where i spoke about the need for businesses in general to look out the window. Not look in the mirror with her that we should reflect. We should take a good look at ourselves in the mirror but that is only gonna show what we already know will show us the image of what we already have but if you look out the window and have a look at what's going on around you you can actually learn a lot more. And it's basically the same point as frame was saying in this series. It's on netflix. Check it out. Pretend it's the city pretty funny actually or

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