A highlight from Banned:The top outlawed Star Trek episodes!


And stream all across the fruited plains that is the alpha quadrant. Welcome to today's program. I'm happy to be back behind the black opie p microphone and we are here today to talk about a cool may be controversial subject and again. I'm not gonna tread on politics or the anything that could offend. Somebody just reporting the news here. The top ten band star trek episodes episodes that were banned at some point and or heavily heavily edited. I was kinda surprised that there is this many and then like they started doing research and kind of diving into a man was like. Oh yeah. I forgot about that ds nine episode or i've forgot about that original series episode or wild times have really changed in fifty years since that episode came out and that's really not controversial anymore. There's a lot to unpack your today when it gets. All ten episodes is going to be a blast again. We're kind of taking a step back. We had a long episode arc about star wars and star trek and then we got to the philosophy of it and it is really heavy so i want to get back to some fun material some fun content because i a lot the researching this past week about these top ten episodes and it was kinda crazy to me. That over eight hundred star trek episodes have been made but only like i said the top ten right here are kind of controversial. So we're gonna not beat around the bush anymore today jive right into it. In today's top ten band star trek episodes

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