Project Rainbow and Flying Saucers


To kids myths and mysteries. I've your host. Kent chrome today rothwells theory. I'll begin with three assumptions. That most theorists can agree on first that flying saucer did crash near roswell new mexico in july nineteen forty seven second that bodies were recovered from the crash site and third that there are scientists working on projects that are rated above top secret and the us government and military branches are not privy to the thread. That connects the pieces of this theory. Is that the security team surrounding these super top secret. Scientific projects has access to the best technology in the field of stealth investigation and manipulation and are possessed of the ability to control all branches of military as well as federal government with the purpose of keeping these projects secret. Only the purpose of this theory is to establish not just a flying saucers crashed near roswell bodies were retrieved but the source of the flying saucer the nature of the crew and the evidence that security teams protecting various super top secret projects were involved to understand the crash of flying saucer at roswell nineteen forty seven we need to go back four more years to nineteen forty three and parallel projects intended to bring world war two to an end. The project brought to fruition was dubbed. Little boy it was the first atomic bomb. The one that was dropped on hiroshima the first control nuclear reaction was in one thousand nine hundred forty two at the university of chicago's reactor and rico firm oversaw the first controlled energy release from the nucleus of an atom after intense effort. The oakridge plant in tennessee began to produce bomb-grade us to thirty five from nineteen forty two to nineteen forty five manhattan project continued progress toward the end result an atomic bomb now. The parallel project. I mentioned was dubbed project rainbow on august twelve nineteen forty-three. It was leaked. That the us navy conducted a test of some sort on the uss eldridge a d. e. class destroyer at the philadelphia navy yard. The exact nature of this test however is open to speculation that tasks or tests were conducted but only produced undesirable results afterwards. the project was supposedly cancel. Not as the public was led to believe because it failed. But because the manhattan project was moving ahead without a hitch but project rainbow was not only not cancelled. It was not an attempt to make the. Us eldridge invisible nor was his project conducted by the navy. It was simply the a naval vessel was chosen as a guinea pig. The name rainbow was attached to the project because of the nature of a rainbow to start at one point ended another. It was determined that if the navy vessels could be transported from an allied area to a battle zone in a matter of minutes that it could turn the tide of the war project. rainbow was based on is stein's theory on the space time continuum too. Massive tesla coils which acted as electromagnetic generators were utilized. One was mounted forward mounted aft. Other accounts state. Their series of generators called gaza's were us when activated. The electromagnetic field would extend out from the ship when the actual test was put into motion. A number of unexpected. A bizarre side effects occurred as the electromagnetic field increased in strength to begin to extend this for out as a hundred yards from the ship in all directions. Forming a large spear within this field to ship became fuzzy and indistinct and agrees hayes formed around the vessel obscuring it from view eventually the only visible object was the outline of the whole of the eldridge where it entered the water then to the amazement of onlookers. The entire ship vanished from view. It was at this point. The vanishing of the alridge that the true power of electromagnetic field that had been created was revealed. Eldridge had not only banished from the view of observers philadelphia. It had vanished from philadelphia altogether. This ship had been instantly transported several hundred miles away from philadelphia to norfolk virginia. And this was the goal after a few minutes. The ship once again banished to return back to philadelphia the failings of the task to become purposefully obscured and vague. As was the intention of the team that was in charge of keeping project. Remember secret secure. Little boy was dropped on hiroshima august. Six one thousand nine hundred forty five and twenty two days later. Japan's surrender in world. War two was brought to an end but the research on project rainbow continued.

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