It’s the same old story for North Carolina basketball in loss to the Wolfpack


On sunday. We spent several minutes discussing a disappointing blueblood with the hall of fame coach kentucky led by john calipari today. We'll spend another few minutes on another disappointing blueblood with another hall of fame coach this time it's north carolina and roy williams the tar heels fell at nc state on tuesday. Seventy nine seventy six so now. Five and three. The other losses are texas in iowa best win over stanford ladder you and i both had north carolina projected as the third best team in the acc in the preseason. Are we still confident. Unc is a top three in the acc. No did i really have them third. I looked double checks man. it's not ideal right now. we both had it. We both had it. Virginia duke north carolina in that order. Well i didn't have carrots. So here's where. I differed in the preseason with some of the projections yours and and others. I did not have carolina ranked in the top twenty five portion of my one two three fifty seven. I i put carolina twenty eight. And i remember before like settling on an ultimate order like my first initial like. Let me throw everything at the wall. I think i'd carolina like thirty six or thirty seven and the reason was they were so poor last year. I mean historically bad. It was one of the five or six worst seasons in school history. Statistically that i was just. I wasn't totally sold on them. Going from fourteen and nineteen a season ago to being if your top. Three team in the acc You know that's probably a four seat at worst. And i wasn't all in on him there. I thought okay. Maybe they can get along the lines of a five or six seed and that was really what wound me wind up with me. Booting them up a little bit. But at this point you know. I watched the majority of that. Nc state game. I would argue. It wasn't even a three point game. Nc state truly beat them by six or seven points now five and three losses the losses all respectable so. It's an interesting situation with unc. Here lost texas in a really really good game championship. Which was obviously nashville. Then they lose at iowa but it wasn't that competitive ninety three eighty. Now they take the road loss against nc state. The win against kentucky and cbs sports classic has almost no value. The win over stanford is solid but otherwise charleston. Unlv north carolina central their next game at georgia tech a week from one. We're talking here. On december thirtieth so i think there is still the chance and with all due respect as always to leaky black here. And he's actually. I think he's. He's been good in spots but they're not as good as they should be. I still really love. The frontline is still think. This could be one of the courts in america but it should be noted fourteen thousand nine hundred last season. Now it's five three. And i'm not gonna guarantee you that this team is heading to the instability tournament and in the preseason. Unc got by on its jersey name. I don't know i. I was always a little hesitant there and some of that has come to the surface. This is clearly clearly not a top twenty five team right now. In north carolina as you mentioned the go fourteen and nineteen last season and the reason that i had them in the preseason top twenty five and one thought that they would have a really nice bounceback season because they in elite recruiting class featuring three five star freshman. The way they're supposed to go from fourteen and nineteen to really good is that three five-star freshmen are great. And they're all fine. I guess but none of them are playing like freshman of the year candidates like against nc state day. Ron sharpe had six points. Fourteen minutes walker kessler had three points and twelve minutes. Caleb love had eleven point four assists two turnovers in twenty eight minutes. Like if you're five star freshman aren't gonna perform like five star freshman consistently well. Then you're not going to go from from bad to to really good. You can go from bad to good from bad to respectable from bad to an ncaa tournament team. But you're not going to be elite unless you five star freshman perform at an elite level. They are not doing that right now.

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