Telegram channels will start getting ads next year

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Telegram is debut in group voice chat while at the same time. Ceo pavlov announced. That telegram is nearing five hundred million monthly active users to serve. This audience. Telegram is going to start monetize ing finally with a soon to be launched at platform next year quoting tech crunch the new voice chat feature which is similar to discords always on room supports a few thousand participants the service which topped four hundred million active users in april this year will introduce its own ad platform for public one too many channels one that is user friendly respects privacy and allows us to cover. The cost of servers and traffic derive wrote his telegram channel. All existing features will remain free center of who is one of the biggest critics of facebook owned whatsapp. Adding that telegram is committed to not introduce ads in private one to one chats or group chats because they are quote a bad idea quote. We are not going to sell the company. Like the founders of what's up the world needs telegram to stay independent as a place where users are respected and high quality. Service is insured. He wrote telegram will begin to generate revenue. Starting next year we will do it in accordance with our values and the pledges we have made over the last seven years. Thanks to our current scale. We will be able to do it. In a non intrusive way. Most users will hardly notice any change and quote.

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