German Christmas Markets


Let's start with the festive atmosphere. You'll normally find at the outdoor christmas markets in germany berliners. Iris andre and abby and reiger. Join us now. So having fabio. What is unique about a german christmas market. They're they're so popular with american travelers. These days i think is the spirit of german community code. Usually communicate is associated with the with the bar or but germans feel very smoothly on christmas market. Imagine you can do your christmas shopping without the stress because you will walk over the christmas market in between shops and you get a hot spicy wine standing next to your neighbors who've just doing the same thing you have a little chat and then you just keep on doing what you're doing and it sounds by the way referring to this is not a touristy thing i mean it's to make it a popular but it's also enjoyed by the local people iris. Fob and just talked about communicate. What is community. Could say a unique service word. It's stands for coziness coziness. Yes warms quietness time off with your friends. So there's a conviviality and as fabulous said this hot spiced wine might add a little bit. It's a time where it's hard time to leave and go home because you don't want to leave that atmosphere and you find that at christmas market. When are the christmas. I'm not celebrated at christmas time. But how early do they start in the season. And when do they close down for most parts of. There should be starting on the first weekend of advent for sundays before. Christmas for sunday's before christmas exactly but also some chris markets. Now they're start towards the end of november because they want to have more of a season stretch the shopping season. Yes the united states is a big kind of discussion. Should we be decorating for christmas before. Thanksgiving same dynamic germany fabien. There's christmas markets everywhere in germany. These days in austria switzerland also in other countries The most famous i think in germany is in nurnberg wise. The nurnberg christmas market so beloved. There are several things that come together to make the number christmas market special festival because he in the heart of the really ancient city. Beautiful costlo at the center. You feel like you're in a medieval city. They take great pride in that christmas market. So the lighting. Is i very special. And then there are a few christmas. Sort of sweet specialties. That are typical for number like particularly on the gingerbread gingerbread which is an essential part of christmas to me. It's so essential. That no matter where i am on earth at any moment around christmas time i need have german gingerbread for christmas or it's not christmas for me. Whoa what other sort of this special traditions would you find. When you go to nurnberg their Which are small gingerbread river. Literally it means pepper cookies pancakes. I know those. Those are delightful delightful. Iris in nurnberg. There's this delightful kris kin. Can you described krisztian. The chris is a young girl or young woman who was dressed up almost angel looking like and she stands above the christmas market and she gives a christmas market opening speech to the crowd. And it's a big event for the number christmas market which they wanna see. So she's like the queen of christmas kicks off the festival. She has said drop for two years and then moved on to another young lady and they take big prides to be the cou- skinned

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