Security on high alert in Washington DC and state capitols amid warnings of unrest


An unprecedented level of security ahead of anticipated protests before President elect Biden's inauguration. Thousands of National Guard troops U. S marshals and police officers are in place the FBI saying there's potential for more violence but haven't announced any specific threats. The number of federal officials have pointed out an increase in chatter about potential attacks coming up with the inauguration. But at this point there have been just To public arrests so far, one Friday a Virginia man, a security guard who was caught with a gun and ammunition at a checkpoint, he had no known ties to any extremist, and he said he was simply lost. On Saturday, a woman was arrested at a checkpoint for Impersonating a police officer. She has been referred to a mental health facility. The FBI has made Maura than 100 arrests so far in connection with the January 6th attacks. They expect that number to increase exponentially in the coming days. Fox's Steve Harrigan Authorities also warning of the potential for armed protests that state Capitol

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