Sadie Robertson

Pratt Cast


How's that go win. How's everybody to win me okay. I'm in la. It's eighty five degrees here. It's like may everyone's or moving out of california or texas or there's no state taxes. which did i get. I used to live in nashville estate taxes. Great eighty five in january. Is that all my money's going. Is that what we're state taxes. Go in california. They go to the thermostat outside. 'cause totally worth play golf yesterday with my brother and his buddy and His buddy was hitting out of the sand trap of bunka and hit. Beat right in the city or right below the titty but just in the ribs and then they proceeded to beat us in the game that we're playing and i owed him twenty bucks so effectively. I lost twenty dollars got smacked nativity. So it's a lose lose lot going on in the world right now right. Nothing gonna politics right. That's that smooth cool. Yeah what else. Oh bachelor news victoria. Seems like a spark plug and she also armie hammer going to stay away from that story. 'cause what

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