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Sizemore medical teams to get shots and people's arms and to increase vaccines supply and get it out. The door is fastest possible. President Biden signs Morrell executive orders and serves notice that America's war on Covert 19 is under a new command President Biden invoking the Defense production act to speed up the vaccine supply chain, as states and cities run out. New York City just canceled 23,000 appointments after a delivery delay of the Madonna vaccine. Fox is Aisha has The doctor Tony Fellegi, who's staying on at the White House, says he can feel a difference under the new administration. The idea that you can get up here and talk about What? You know what evidence? What the sciences and no, That's it. Let the science speak. It is somewhat of a liberating feeling. Republican Senator Tom Cotton taking issue with some people blaming the Trump Administration for the pandemics, devastating effects on the U. S. He tells Fox News to say there's no plan it all. I mean, look, there's a reason why there are multiple vaccines now either approved for soon to be approved. That's because of Operation Warp speed that the Trump Administration got a Bible vaccine. To market and distributed in less than a year, something that often takes a decade President Biden's holding over another person from the Trump administration. The White House press secretary says the president has confidence in FBI Director Christopher Wray. Plans to keep him on the job. A federal judge rules Amazon does not have to restore service to the conservative social media site Parlor and on Wall Street, The NASDAQ and S and P 500 closed at record highs Thursday, while the Del Lost 12 points. The NASDAQ posting its third straight record close. America's listening to Fox News Next on house of Broken Dreams. You'll meet a woman who says she was harassed by a sexual predator while living at Mosaic when I opened the door, thank, you know, pest or Even maybe a deer something was on the crew. A raccoon is really what I expected to see in the corner of my patio to the left. Maybe 6 ft. From me is a man. Available now on apple podcasts. From the Fox News Podcasts Network. It's the Fox News rundown. Start your day With a contrast of perspectives. You won't hear anywhere else. A daily Morning podcast going far beyond the headlines tapping into the massive reporting resource is of Fox News to provide a full picture of the news of the day. I'm Dana Pary. No, I'm red Bear. I'm Jessica Tarlov. I'm Chris Wallace. And this is the Fox News. Run down, Listen and subscribe now by going up fox news podcasts dot com. Prosecutors in

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