Presidential Pelotons and data accountability


What can happen if you have a connected bicycle in the white house and this reminds me. This is actually a good thing. I think to think about because we're old enough to remember this. But you know presidents used to get special. Even obama had a special blackberry created for him. It used to be that you didn't have to worry about cybersecurity because the president in his office had his landline phone rate. In the secret service had radios. And it's not like if you need to get in touch with the president you can get in touch with the president right. Well not you or i but someone important and then cell phones came along and everybody was used to posting on twitter and doing their thing and this became a real concern for people who are worried about foreign powers spying on presidential communications and now with the bringing in of connected devices. Maybe not a smart home like i don't think the white house kitted out with philips hue bulbs but a peleton is an entry point into the network so my hunch is i would. I would love for someone to tell me how to secure the peleton in the white house is on its own dedicated network. Maybe that can't touch anything else. I mean i'm trying to think of the ways that this could be bad. And i'm not really a hacker so i don't know but i like that we're thinking about this because we're probably going to benefit down the road as the defense insecurity infrastructure for the us figures out how to secure the stuff that will trickle down to the rest of us. And we'll get new an awesome best practices and the peleton itself. I mean it can track your heart rate at belief certainly detracts the rotations of the the bicycle tyre tyre but flywheel and so on and so forth like you could get in personal health information from if peleton's data was hacked or whatever and that sounds like who cares but really a foreign power could determine that while publicly every the president's in good health etc maybe he isn't and they would know that and that could change some outcomes. I think peleton does is great and we didn't think about this from a security standpoint but my wife wanted it on and we just didn't buy it because it was too expensive for us so we bought a non connected bike for about four hundred dollars and she the peleton digital classes so no data is actually tractor or something like that. And i'm not saying go do this for security reasons. Or that's what biden should do. But that's one way to mitigate it no. I don't think there's any speakers in like i don't know if he needs to watch what he says. He can't talk about microphones. My bad microphones. Right i've ridden a friend's palatine. And i don't recall that but i was also dying by the middle of my ride so i told you including speak. Anyway i'm like. I don't think anyone wants to hear me. Okay so just throwing that out. There is interesting security thing and something like we should all be aware of going forward. And maybe we'll get some new best practices out of this.

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