Ep 202: The Breakup Guide


Hi it's heidi from the what to expect podcast this week on what to expect. I'm so excited to welcome leslie him junior and nicolette robinson. They have a three year old daughter and a baby on the way. They're opening up about their pregnancy is equivalent from it. We do not have to face our death to bring life into one and here. There's us off and their relationship. I don't know there's a sexual clock or whatever it is but we usually sync up pretty. Well checkout leslie in nicolette on what to expect podcast where ever you listen to podcasts. Guess what decision. We're about to make moral decision. Welcome to another episode of horrible decisions. Apparently i fake my accent. So i wanted to. I don't know. I don't know i got a tweet said that. Thank fake my accent bitch. I don't know what i mean. Look yeah you see. I just wish it this put asshole anyway. Welcome to another episode is eager to be a dad aka. Well known mandy almost fifteen years. She is absolutely that ghetto. Fuck you know. I really have sounded like. Ibm me. since since. I've been since i came out the goddamn won't i think sometimes you when you're like have a fine. Maybe you like it commute to. But i don't know it's weird like i don't like the you also just said something comes out. None of what. I'm saying you get more hype. Here mama voice gets louder. I don't think i get more. And more like litigate. Vizo let you live first off. I will say it's i get like the adjectives of hood and ghetto being used in reference. To how i speak. I should have island there right. Yeah you're gotta sambo genoa some. But i i way i'm sorry. Let me jet. Oh you see. I got to heal wounds today. I also figured y'all since y'all the who watch on the youtube we become a here bitch. I was wet and graphic tees. And i'm like the sex patio shady right. We city sweating graphic sees bits. Which we we that we are the one that looks more gay and i know yes. Not this fucking mike. My hand might because guess what audio picks up. I don't know if you know you've only been putting for four years. We can hear the listener can hear you rambling the mycole decca colored bitch. If we want to talk about animal print got going the by me. I am by the on spicy. How my release me coming here and just be a normal person. Like i've been doing for four years. i normally. i'm normal. I'm an echo lab where you episode. Wow oh wow thing about european nothing about to normal anyway. I guess he's ready. I'll just say welcome to another show for those of you who have not listened to this show before others. You got a problem. They you have a problem. You guys are supposed to be about sex therapy. We had that episode a long time ago. And maybe she should come back anyway anyway. I guess we'll start. Let's catch up is just as No mustard what does i know bitch guy. No wasn't that he was like let me get her. You know i'm trying to cross my legs and the problem. Is you know the problem is a working out and the way my thighs are burning right now. I don't even know how i'm doing this. I'll go rhino tonight. But this right here hearts. Because i've been using like the elastic band and it must be really early. It's as you know you get over the feeling they could tell decides. I don't be working out. Dick but i am back jimmy. Well like people saying like visually like oh. You don't work out because you look like yeah. That's what people assume when they don't see you as thin period i hear you. Yeah just like i'm melissa fan. I know i'm helping. I'm hell run circles around. You know. I just had to have that conversation with a twitter person. Because they were like yeah well they. They considered me trying to get to a healthy weight gain. Nothing wrong with my blood pressure or cholesterol or anything else and so yeah like you're just seen as unhealthy if you're not thin. So that's why i mean. I made the joke but yeah. I'm in the gym now but i could very well be in the gym and still had this body and just tone up and people still going to be unhealthy. It's weird because like i dunno. Healthy weight is an interesting one. And i feel like oh shit i feel like it doesn't prescribe to someone. That's your size. Like i watched a lot of like my six hundred pound life and now that i understand that you know get because you always been small. No no no. we don't use. I'm telling you wait for yours. Pounds and people still bet shaming me breath review to common monument other show with also very visual where i sit in a chair like this. I'm getting fat shamed after losing eighty pounds. Because i'm still not thin. I'm probably never going to be then. I'm also five foot one so my weight if i gained five pounds it may look like i gained well because i'm five foot one. I don't know i get what you're saying. But now people are calling me unhealthy. Ambig- at this i'm i go between one fifty five and one six saying like i feel like when people that no new you from back in the day or they'll see a pitcher i catch up with someone like damn andy got skinny as the people that know me as two hundred and thirty pound mandy and so yeah the fact like again. I'm just like damn. I can't win for losing because when i was at my smallest which was like one fifty i got down to one fucking fifty. People were telling look sick. What made you want to start working out just because my partner now taking pills i felt like was healthy. That's why i call it the kobe so like just being healthy. I got elderberry shit. In my house. I never heard it none of that. He got me taking oregano oil drops on my own. Yeah a bitches. Like just amping her immune system especially being i did. I thought that i was like bits. I'm gonna survive when the world ends so. I think we won't even know people as sensormatic does lower your. I read about that. I don't know if it's real bay. Yeah so. I mean the part of working out

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