Pertamina International Shipping PIS Secures Collaboration Agreements with Global Partners

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11 a.m. Saturday, January 7th, 2023 pertamina international shipping PIS secures collaboration agreements with global partners. Jakarta, January 7th, 2023 ACN newswire, PT per domina international shipping PIS has secured two collaboration agreements with global partners. The signings were held with the inauguration of the PIS branch office in Dubai, UAE pieced me on December 23rd, 2022. PIS signs mock with elite tank ship, signed by the CEO of elite tank ship, main dish cacao, and the director of operations of PIS brilliant. Witnessed by CEO PIS yoki fernande, president director Mina, Nick, would you, president commissioner Mina, basuki chhat pranama, and H dotty ambassador of Indonesia for UAE. Hughes and baggies signed a heads of agreement hoa with BGN international DMC CBG and a memorandum of collaboration mock with elite tank ship PT, LTD elite tank ship, the hollow with BGN, was signed by the CEO of BGN group, Rea bagan, and the CEO of PIS yoky fernande. The agreement addresses a joint venture JV establishment by the two companies for the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of VLGC very large gas carriers vessels and other types of vessels, headquartered in the UAE, is one of the world apos largest LPG liquefied petroleum gas trading companies, and the largest LPG importer in Indonesia. Quote the VLGC business will support BG Mas imports of proteas LPG at some point, it might endorse the cargo market of ammonia, said commercial director of PIS, arif sakmara. The muck with elite tank ship addresses clean petroleum products CPP, dirty petroleum products DPP, gas, and other commodities needed in the Middle East, and other areas covered by the parties. The mock was signed by elite tank ship CEO, main dish, and PIS director of operations, and Singapore managing director brilliant perdana, elite tank ship, headquartered in Singapore, established collaboration with PIS in chartering the VLCC pert Amina prime, the largest owned vessel and accompany pass pride in May 2022 for a 6 year contract period. About PT per domina international shipping PIS PT, LTD, and integrated marine logistics upholding, PT per domina international shipping PIS supports. Indonesia pass economic growth through safe and sustainable operation, becoming a trusted and reliable maritime partner, and promoting value for stakeholders through running its businesses. HTTPS per tami navies dot com copyright 2023 ACN newswire. All rights reserved. WWW dot ACN newswire dot com

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