Bruce Elliot: 23 Baltimore Schools Report Zero Math Proficiency


I'm doing well and welcome to the show. We've been following this crazy story out of Baltimore and folks, Bruce is one of the top radio host in America, co hosting the morning drive, Casey and Elliott on talk radio 6 80, which is our great affiliate there. Bruce's story about Baltimore county and math proficiency. What's going on there? Well, it's both what we're city and boulevard county, Todd, that the kids are not testing too great to put a very politely story on WBS TV here locally, a couple of days ago, said that 23 schools were checked. Ten high schools, 8 elementary schools, three middle schools are 2000 students took the amount of test and various grade levels and zero students tested proficient in math. These are three schools where zero zero proficiency of these schools for incarcerated youth. We hope that you are for students with disabilities. But those are special schools. The 23 schools that they checked in this particular survey indicated with one or two students at the outside proficient in math and most of the schools had no one proficient in math at their grade level. This is a pretty grim number. And the bulls are counting numbers turned out we just want to say. So something is not working well here.

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