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And the Senate has passed the bill to protect same sex marriage. It begs to have more. Yeah, exactly right, Paul, this has been a project of president Joe Biden, senator Chuck Schumer and House speaker Nancy Pelosi. It's pretty exciting to have this marriage equality bill come up. So we passed it a while ago in the house. We look forward to having a beautiful signing ceremony for that. So the speaker sounds as if it will pass the House and enshrines the rights for same sex marriage into law also covers interracial marriage. The vote tomorrow, though, on a bill that would head off the rail strike, different activity. China's government is giving an appearance of easing some COVID lockdowns. It is announced that in a Jean journal known as the iPhone city, it will roll back some of what it calls mobility controls as of November 30th. Bloomberg examiner O'Brien says a question is how well it tolerates the increased cases. Yeah, I mean, this seems to be officials attempts at still controlling the situation there, but trying to be or at least appear to be more targeted. We have sort of seen similar moves going back and forth in zhengzhou over the past couple of weeks. They locked down. They went more targeted than they had to lock down again. Now, Emma also says that they will target vaccinating seniors how that plays out will depend on the programs themselves and then how much continued resistance there is an older communities to getting vaccinated. China has launched three astronauts to its newly completed space station, their scheduled to spend the next 6 months on projects aimed at fulfilling Beijing's goal of creating a permanent Chinese presence in space. U.S. expects China to keep up more aggressive behavior toward Taiwan, it says it looks to be the new normal. Meanwhile, U.S. Brigadier general pat Ryder says the U.S. will continue to enter waters around the spratly islands. I know that there has been some reporting that China essentially ejected our ship from the areas that is not true. Again, we'll continue to sail fly and operate wherever international law allows. China had objective, but writers says those waters are international. Twitter says it has stopped policing COVID misinformation on Elon Musk, also says that the team tackling child sexual abuse has been decimated and Australia is pushing back on a United Nations backed mission that pushes to add the Great Barrier Reef to a list of endangered World Heritage Sites. Australia says there is no need for that. The UN says the world's biggest coral reef ecosystem has deteriorated because of climate change. In San Francisco, I met Baxter this is Bloomberg. Right Doug, thank you, Ed. Let's get to Dan Schwartzman as we look at global

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