A Lot of People Had High Hopes for Mike Pence... Not John Zmirak


Lot of people had high hopes for Mike Pence and would disappoint it. I never had the slightest hopes for Mike Pence because back in 2015, at the stream, I wrote a column on how useless he was. Mike Pence had put through a religious freedom bill protecting the rights of Christians to associate and hire people, despite the attacks of the LGBTQ my name is legion movement. In other words, it was a religious freedom restoration act. And what it did was, it said, Christian employers could not be forced to hire people who were advancing openly gay, lifestyles. It said that no federal law mandating gay gay rights could Trump the First Amendment. The Chamber of Commerce in Indiana rebelled. Under the pressure of the gay lobby, the Chamber of Commerce said, oh no, they're going to be boycotts. They won't have college sports games. Indiana will suffer and Pence caved. Penn's caved in a red state of which he was already governor. So I said, okay, this is a weak sister. This is not somebody we need. And when Trump picked and for vice president, I said, oh boy, we are screwed. And then the deep state conducted its coup d'etat against our legitimately elected president. It started during the transition period. When Trump tried to hire Mike Flynn to supervise the deep state to sort of see what they were doing because George Bush trashed the constitution by passing the Patriot Act. It allowed federal intelligence agencies to collude to surveil Americans. It created the kind of joke kangaroo court, the fisa court that would rubber scam, surveillance, and every American on the slightest pretext, Obama, the Obama administration weaponized that and started going after conservatives and Christians using the deep state.

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