World shares up after First Republic aid spurs Wall St rally


A group of banks of extended a lifeline to U.S. based first republic bank, offering reassurance to financial markets. Markets rallied on Wall Street and in Europe and Asia, after news at 11 big banks have offered a combined deposit of $30 billion to help troubled first republic bank. Markets gyrated this week after the collapse of Silicon Valley bank and investors were looking for other troubled banks amid concerns over the unintended toll that interest rate hikes are taking on financial institutions. Shares of Credit Suisse plunged after their biggest shareholder, the Saudi national bank, said it would not provide any more support, but rebounded after Switzerland's national bank offered $54 billion in liquidity, Stephen Ennis of SPI asset management says in a report, the market remains cautious, traders do not want to get overexcited, especially with investors still focusing on what can go wrong instead of what could go right. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen told a Senate committee Thursday that the U.S. banking system remains sound, yesterday the European Central Bank raised its key rate by half a percentage point that expectations on Wall Street are that this week's turmoil will push the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut its rate hike next week to a quarter of a percentage point. I am Jennifer King

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