Bart Herbison and Doug Share Stories About Elvis


And I share a my birthday in his death day. August 16th. August 16th, he died on my birthday. And I told the story the other day on one of the podcasts about my next door neighbor Beatty, who, again, lucky you loved Elvis and everything and she came running across all my birthday party. He's dead, he's dead. He's dead. We thought it was. I mean, I thought of her husband and died and it was Betty talking about Elvis and died. And so, you know, the sharing this. So the last part where they actually showed real video of him in those last concerts where he was bloated. He was there. I mean, some of those actually, those are memories are not memories for me. Those are actually, I saw those concerts. That's all. So it was really, really interesting to just see. Well, one last Elvis plug and a story. Peter go around a controversial author. And he was very controversial when he wrote to John Lennon book and the Elvis book too. There's two Elvis books, careless love, and last train of Memphis. There are over a thousand pages, and they're so thorough. It's like he was in the room, so he tells everything good, bad and different. And I particularly love a lot of the stories he told in the famous RCA studio B across the street from my headquarters. And here's one. I got the privilege of knowing Chad Atkins a little bit. One of my mentors, the late Joe Talbot, took me to launch at a place called I forget what it was mauds down on music grow. It's not there anymore. And chat was there. They had a standing launch every Friday they were in town. I couldn't make this up. He sit there playing his guitar at the table quietly. And I looked at Joe and he goes, that's why he's Chad and he plays everywhere. So Chad is the only major artist I've ever heard of that wanted a closing act. Chet went to bed at 8 o'clock if he could. 8 30, he was a country farmer, got up in the wee hours, three or 4 o'clock in the morning. And so Elvis is showing up late or wants to record at ten, 11, 12 may not show up, sits in their place gospel songs all night, and he can't stay awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. So he calls Elvis's team and RCA and goes, look, I like the kid. And at that time, Nashville did not embrace Elvis. They threw him off the grand Ole opry. They didn't know what he was. But Chet liked him and saw that he was about to change music, but he said, I don't care. 11 o'clock tonight, I don't remember if it was four or 5 songs we do them and we're out.

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