Matthew Charles and Doug Discuss the Power of the Bible


Apart from anything else, I can't tell you 'cause, you know, you know, well about me that I'm a rhyme minister, pastor for over 11 years, still an air force chaplain. And I can't tell you how many times I have heard a story that began with, I read, I found a Gideon Bible. Oh, yes, sir. I mean, it is amazing. And I hear so many times, you know, the gideons who do such a great work, you know, they used to and again, I think we've lost so much in our society when they can't hand out voluntarily handout scripture to 5th writers. Remember that? And but it's interesting. In list explore this because this is a podcast where look, people know that I'm my faith and they're going to hear about faith and they want to call me and email me. I'll talk to them about it. But talk about that for a second. It ended up on a side note here. The power of the bi, just the Bible. You didn't have it, you didn't have Billy Graham sitting in the room with you. I mean, you had a Bible. And that was it, correct? Yes, sir. And the product part of it is I've never even seen the guy that gave it to me with one or him even open it up and read it. So I didn't even know it was in the possessions along with the toothpaste soap and deodorant and a couple, you know, soups and snacks that he could give him because I had never seen it. But when he rolled it up and gave it to me on like a towel and I took it over to myself and I opened it, it was actually in there. But I had never seen him with the one we never discussed. Anything. So it was just the time. It is amazing. I mean, we talk about, you know, from a fight perspective, you talk about the power of the word of God that he goes forth and it does not ever return void. That scripture just speaks to me. And intimidates me in a way too because it's a reminder that God is working in our society even when we have no clue of how he's doing it.

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