Mel K and Eric Know Elites Don't Care About the Little Guy


Things we were talking about Mel is that there are people elites who do not for whatever reason care about the little guy. And sometimes it is on a very personal level. They can be contemptuous of someone standing right in front of them, but usually it's more abstract. And it reminds me of the famous scene in the third man when Joseph cotton is up in the prater in this Viennese. It's still there. I've been on it Ferris wheel, and he's up there with the Orson Welles, who's the villain. And Orson Welles looks down and says, you see those people down there, they look like moving dots. They're so far away. What difference would it make if a few of those dots just stopped moving? In other words, if some people die and I can make money off of it, does it really matter? And if you don't believe in God and the sanctity of human life, why should it matter? And for a lot of these people, it doesn't matter. So when you hear about former governor Cuomo or others putting people in nursing homes, realizing people are going to die and it's going to suit you. They don't care. But it's hard for most people to get their heads around the idea that you mean that guy who maybe I don't agree with them and stuff, but you mean he could be that bad. Yeah? Or the banality of evil. Well, that's what I'm saying. It's a place in life where you don't care. And I think that we have to really examine this. And people have to go out there and understand the whole conspiracy theory world saying that sonstein writing a whole book to say that anything anyone saying about Obama was a conspiracy theory after the whole war and report, if anyone questioned it was a conspiracy theorist created by the CIA, we have to start looking at actual conspiracy, not the theories, the facts, and the fact that we have identified who these people are. And they don't hide it, and they have a big meeting coming up, and people should be watching the World Economic Forum, and the Davos meetings coming up themselves and listen to what Noah harari has to say and listen to what Klaus Schwab has to say and listen to what they're talking about with global governance. And then head on over from that website. We form dot org look around there at global governance at smart technology at biometric data at what they want to do with our climate with our government and start really thinking, wow. And then go look at another one of the affiliated websites. The UN website are common agenda. Then you jump over to World Health Organization. Global health won, where you jump over to the Gates Foundation, or you jump over the IMF for the World Bank, or the BIS, and you start to realize this is a club.

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