Emma Jo Morris Describes the Legal Due Diligence Required Around Hunter Biden's Laptop


This is America first one on one, we continue our discussion with Emma Joe Morris. So you start checking out we're talking to the you have a chapter in the laptop from health. In Miranda divine's book, you broke the story of the laptop from hell Hunter Biden's laptops. And you can be followed now at Emma Joe NYC on Twitter. Emma, so you get these additional documents from Bannon's team from Rudy's lawyer. Then what happens? Are you by yourself? Does the New York Post give you a team? Talk about it. No, so no, yes, I was by myself. I began first by well, first I gave copies to the New York Post, obviously, first and they had to take them into legal because this is obviously a legal landmine. There's so much personal information on this. Well, I'm criminal activity. Yes, exactly. And I mean, valid is the waiver that hunter signed to the computer repair guide to surrender his laptop. So this is crucially important after what a 60 or 90 day interaction. If you don't pick up the hardware you left there to be fixed, it becomes the property of the shop owner, which is a pretty standard arrangement. So you have to verify that. Yeah, exactly. Everywhere. So we had that copy of that contract. So hunter brings it in. This is any computer repair shop standard, if you don't pick it up in 90 days after I call you, it's mine. He also didn't pay for the service. And he just left his stuff there. He cracked heads too. Right, apparently. They fall off the face of the earth, which actually does track. So anyway, that's so we had that document that he had signed. We had to match the signature somehow. We had to take that to legal, is this contract applied to us? Are we allowed to report it publicly? How much are we allowed to report publicly? What is it could be that he gives over his computer doesn't give over the contents? There's all kinds of legal questions about this when you're handling somebody's personal stuff and personal information that you have to deal with. So I start trying to check Secret Service records with some of the stuff that I had because there are dates and locations. Exactly. Right. Exactly and trying to understand, is there stuff that shows them here at some time? You're trying to just basically see if there's any other source of information that you can cross reference. So to make sure that this is January and not what more than 50 quote unquote intelligence analysts said that this is a Russian information operation.

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