A highlight from #56 Tactical Tuesday: Tough River Spots At 1kNL


Once again, by my co host, mister Jon, how you doing, sir? How's it going? Let's get right into this because our minds right now are probably not on tactical Tuesday and more on the launch of CPG wolves, which is today, right? It is. It is directly following this. You know, this is, you know, I was thinking about this last night that chasing poker greatness, right? That's the brand. This, to me, is giant step to doing just that thing because in the poker training space if you can create training methodologies that allow folks to skyrocket up the stakes, massively improve their win rates and just be a stronger, better poker player who's earning a living at this game over a couple of years, then that to me is a major component of poker greatness in the training space anyway. All right, so let's get through these answers. Watch wolves. They're actually exciting stuff today. No segue, no Segway, no follow-up questions, just all right, let's break down the hands. All right, so this end starts with a meh. I mean, it's hard to tell whether this guy's like super aggressive or not. We only have 38 hands on him, but so far, he seems like a pretty aggressive player, maybe even maybe just like an agro rag, maybe he's just gotten a lot of really good hands over these 38 hands, but he's playing 42 39 with a 22% three bet over 38 hands. He opens I threw about queens on the button to $80 and he four bets to two 35. We start the hand about a 130 big wines effective on the effective stack. I guess we can stop here even pre flop and maybe have a short discussion on whether you think it's better to just jam queens here or whether you even have a 5 bet jamming range at this depth, whether you're flat in Queens, regardless of depth. I mean, at a hundred bigs, I think it could go either way. I think we could flatter. We could jam and whatever. But I think here I'm just flatting it this stabbed realizing positional advantage. I don't really see a big benefit in jamming and neutralizing our positional advantage like just getting rid of it, calling, calling to me is preferable and that's what I would do and then just kind of go from there. I think that like queens is kind of an interesting hand that it blocks some of their natural four bed hands that we have a lot of equity against the ace queens. But I think just calling and then going from there would be my preferred path. Yeah, I agree with you. I think around like the 125 130 big wines effective. Depth is about the depth where I start flatting slightly more in position and maybe even starting to think about getting rid of my 5 bit range altogether. But in any case, I think queens is just going to be like a hand that I'm pretty comfortable flatting. Even maybe at like a hundred big lines like you said some of the time depending on the opponent. So I fought the four, but with the queens and we see a really, really good flop queen 9 deuce, two clubs, laptop set. There's $485 in the middle. The villain, the four better pre flop. Leads for a quarter pot. I think this is completely expected size in a four by plot. I don't think anything that is done sizing wise has been has raised my eyebrows in any way. So I suppose that means that we can start labeling the sky as a reg. So yeah, we're facing quarter pots right here. Are you ever raising? I guess, no. The answer I think is no, I'm not raising the quarter pot size, but I think it's interesting that villain is see betting this board. I don't know if they're doing it with range. I don't know if this is a board that they really want to see but in a format pot here, the button has aces, the button has queens. The button has 9s, they don't have 9s. I mean, they have a queen. They have a skiing. I'm just not sure. I'm not sure if betting this board is preferable for the preflop four better, the queen 9 do specifically, but yeah, I mean, you'd be checking range on this. I'm not sure. I would have to think about it some more on how to structure my strategy. But I'm probably checking range. There's two buts left, so it's not like the end of the world that the flap checks through. We can just bet big on turn jam rivers and get stocks in safely. So it's not like we're losing a ton of value by checking. And I don't know. I don't think I'm betting ace king here. And really a lot of my strategies going to hinge on what I do with ace king. And if I'm checking ace king, then I'm just going to be checking range. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable strategy. I also can't think of very many situations where I want to raise in position facing a quarter pod. So actually, I guess the hands that if I was forced to have a raising strategy would probably be built around the Kleenex iPads that are technically a little bit vulnerable and also can get called by worse if we raise, but I don't know, that's just way too big of a tangent, I think, and not something that I actually do in real life. So I'm flatting here with my entire continuing range, which is what I go ahead and do with top set. Yeah, I don't think we should be raising top here. That just doesn't seem, it doesn't seem very good. All right. The turn is not great. It's a ton of clubs, so the board is now queen 9 deuce ten with three clubs. Obviously, this brings in the front door flush draw. It also completes king Jack, which is which I would expect to be a comprised a significant portion of the villain's four bet bluffing range. I think hands like ace queen offsuit king Jack suited king ten suited, maybe a and a 5 suited are going to be like the majority of this regs, more about bluffing range relapses so this turn definitely does complete a lot that makes this range stronger than tops it. Yeah, I mean, if we counted the combos, they've got one combo of ace king of clubs, one combo of a Jack of clubs, one combo of a 5 of clubs, and then four combos of the king Jack. Which is 7 combos that were at right now. So 7 combos that really beat us. I can't think of any more handset beat us unless they fort like some sort of suited connector like 7 8 of clubs. Which would make an 8. Yeah, I mean, it's not a great card, but I don't think it's like an end of the world card. I think it's a card that strengthens our range. I mean, we are going to have more club club combos than yeah, we also have tens. I don't think I would imagine that they don't have tents in their range. Like we have tens, we have 9s. We have queens, and then we have pseudo connectors. But I mean, it's really hard to find clubs that are the ones that they form, but ace king jock, the queen and the ten are on the board. So got to be like, again, the 7 8 of clubs or something like that, maybe the ace tray, ace four of clubs, if we decide to three bet those pre. So I don't think we have significantly more flushes than them. I do think we have more sets than them. Probably more to pair than them.

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