'Transhumanism' and the Coming Cyborg Reset With James Poulos


I just want to make sure everyone understands what transhumanism is in the sense of how it applies to them. It's this movement where these people in Silicon Valley want to try and integrate computers or technology actually into humans. You could start to see this with Neuralink with Elon Musk and many other movements and that technology is only accelerating. You saw that with Facebook, which is no longer Facebook. It's now called meta. Now, let me just start with something that I think our audience would be able to understand because there's a lot of technology behind this. I don't think even I have a good grasp on. But is it conceivable that if we do nothing? In 20 years we will be mostly cyborgs or plugged into an alternative universe and not the real world. Talk about the implications of where this technological movement is heading, which is the destruction of the human species. Yeah, that's a trajectory. You can see it in the language, the rhetoric around the great reset. You can see it in the way that, you know, social credit system has already developed in the U.S.. You know, we already have the major corporations and the government, including the part of the government where citizens can not replace these individuals by voting on whether or not they should remain in office. A tremendous unity of the institutions under federal purview, creating a social system on the Internet wherein if you say the right things and do the right things, you know, you won't get a check from the government, but you will get social credit points, basically. And it's still informal, you know, there are these things don't have a name. You can't sort of flex on people by showing that you have a higher social credit score than them. But already, if you have kids and they're on TikTok or if you just really hungry for the memes, you can just go on there and see that, you know, the zoomers who understand what's going on are already making sort of meme videos mocking folks like John Cena for, you know, for saying that Taiwan is a part of China, making fun of him for having an infinite social credit score. They understand where things are going. They understand that, you know, colleges, education system, Hollywood, banking system, every component of these pillars of civil society are all sort of circling the wagons consolidating authority and try to usher people into what I'm calling a cyborg Vivarium. You know, sort of it's like a domed enclosure, really, where people who have merged with their technology are cultivated and reordered on digital

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