Nick Searcy: The Government Is Silencing January 6th Defendants


You are one of these people who just some of these people Nick they didn't even really know what was going on did they just sort of the gates open The doors were open They're like cool we get to go into the capitol and now they're sitting in prison cells for it It is grossly offensive and you're right It is chilling You compare this to how the FBI and the DOJ is labeling angry parents as domestic terrorists and you're absolutely right Their goal is to chill our opposition to what they're doing Yeah and you know sadly it is working up to this point I mean I don't know how many people that we contacted who said you know I'm afraid to talk I don't want to tell my story because I'm afraid of repercussions And even in some cases we did interviews with people who didn't afterwards called us up and said in my lawyer said take me out So they were afraid to stand up to the government because the government has them over a barrel Most of these people are middle class people who own their own businesses who don't have a $100,000 to mount a vigorous legal defense So they wind up with these court appointed attorneys out of Washington D.C. who are basically working for the government They're not working for their clients They're trying to get their clients to cop to a plea deal by telling them look if you go to a jury trial you might get 30 years But if you clean guilty this one little felony You can do 6 months and you can get on with your life even though you've been won't be able to vote or ever own a firearm but still And see that's what that's what's happening to these people They are being railroaded by the FBI and the Department of Justice because they don't have the means to fight back

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