A highlight from The Stuttering John Podcast, November 11th, 2021-Mark Judson, Richard Ojeda


Kevin Emmett? Kinky streets. Nikki B, my wonderful and beautiful moderator. Who is saying happy Veterans Day and that is the theme of today's show. We have a former marine Mark judson. I know you shouldn't say former. I don't know. You know, marine Mark Johnson, who's running for the democratic congressional seat in North Dakota one of them. Anyway, Joni Heisenberg. I agree with you, joanie. Hi, John, cheers to judge Tanya. You chucked in, who denied Trump's attempt to stonewall the January 6th committee. Presidents are not kings and plaintiff is not president. How do you create a TK? How how hard is Donald Trump trying to stop this from happening? He knows. It's over Donnie. It's over Donny. He knows he's going down, and we all know he's going down. And nothing could be better. And, you know, Kyle rittenhouse should be in prison. I don't care if he's crying. Look, I don't like to see any young person crying. And that profusely. But he lied. He chased that guy down. He chased that dude down and then shot him. So you know what? Let somebody tweeted his tears are hollow, considering that he murdered those people. Nick is here. Kinky streets. Thanks for all your Patreon things that you send to me, kinky. Let's see who else we got. Kenki says Alonzo bowden just posted his interview with me three months ago. You know, I didn't see it. I'm trying to find where he posted it. I posted it, but I haven't seen the Lonzo post. If I did a Alonso's podcast, who's paying attention yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I drove out to Burbank and met Alonso at the all things comedy studio, which I didn't know is run by our magical a former stand up. Well, a stand up that I did a show with and also it's run by Bill Burr. One of the greatest one of the greatest stand ups. Mark P's here with the badge. We have Joni Heisenberg gets too hot. I have to put the fan on. As it goes to hair flip, I Let's see. Jeremy says Manchin was spotted driving his silver Maserati through a crowd of climate protests. I don't know. Is it me? How could this mother afford a yacht, a Maserati and a mansion? Yeah. Makes you wonder that doesn't it? Compromised, are we? I think so. It's cracking, bob would say, I think, though, John from Las Vegas went hung out with while I was doing stand up there. Marco V one 93. Shorty one here, we love that judge is biased in the Kyle rittenhouse case yet. Tim Thompson from London UK Martha Salinas Tammy Pearson from Facebook. Jamie Jarrett Steele, from Facebook, William Nichols Nichols greeting greetings from Franklin, North Carolina cawthon's district will talk to mark about that. Carly Martin Julie fencing with the badge. My mom is here. Let me see Ryan Kay is here. I'd be tempted to push cloth on out of his wheelchair if I saw him in public as that bad. No, it's not bad. John Austria. I mean, look, if Paul gosar can make an anime of stabbing AOC and the Republicans don't do anything, well, therein lies a problem with that party and it's indicative of how they think. Yeah, let's yeah, let's be okay with stabbing a congresswoman. Yeah, okay. All right, so let's be thank you. There are many local for the fight. Sticker as we start another cycle.

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