A Letter by America First Legal Foundation to Inspector General Horowitz


One one I want to read you a letter How off the presses From American first legal That was sent to the inspector general of the United States Department of Justice today Michael horwitz And when I get into the heart of the letter you'll see why this is important This is a letter that is written by or signed by re D rubinstein senior counselor director of oversight and investigations American first legal foundation This is important It reads as follows your inspector general Horowitz American first legal foundation is a national nonprofit organization I mentioned includes promoting government transparency and accountability by gathering official information analyzing it disseminating it through reports and so forth Whether the president and agencies direct including the U.S. Department of Justice respect citizens rights and faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress Our court AFL concerns The Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized American parents as fundamental liberty interest in in constitutional right to control and direct the education of their children On this basis along the nationwide protest by parents against public school policies and practices regarding critical race theory indoctrination anti religious and anti family gender ideology and or forced online education and mass mandates are entitled to the most robust federal constitutional protection Instead the facts surrounding the attorney general's memorandum of October 4 2021 which we've discussed at length Suggest the department may be committing federal law enforcement resources to inappropriately prevent parents from exercising constitutionally protected rights and

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