Why Overreach Could Doom Democrats in 2022


Election. Good morning. Selena, how are you? Good morning, sunshine. How are you? I'm not so sunshiny. The browns got blown out in Cleveland yesterday and everybody's banged up. I think Kareem hunt torn Achilles, both of our tackles are out Nick Chubb has heard. I'm just grumpy. I got stuck in steelers traffic, but that's all I got. This is close as I got to watching them. Okay, well, I loved your column. I want to play this clip again. It's from the Terry McCall, in the key last governor's debate talking to Glenn young. I don't think Paris should be telling schools what they should teach. What is the significance when I've read your calm, but explain it to people who haven't yet gone to Selena zito dot com and read it. Well, I think the whole key to this entire race is one word. And that's overreach. And I think that that is the sort of chaos and power grabbing that the voters exactly voted against with Biden. And yet they are seeing with all of the Democrats. And I think that that listening to Virginia voters, that is the problem. What color has? And it's the problem that Democrats are facing across the country in these off year elections, Virginia and New Jersey are the larger races, but even in small municipal races. I think that Democrats are going to have a big problem in a couple of ways.

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