Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Explains How Two Democratic Bills Are a Recipe for Instant Socialism in America


With us is congresswoman. Marjorie taylor green. Who is calling for everyone to do what they can to try. And tell the senate not to raise the debt limit congresswoman. Are you there. Yes hi charlie. Thanks for having me on your show. You bet you sent out a tweet saying everyone needs to call the senate switchboard. Let's take a step back. Walk us through the significance of this and the latest when it comes to the fights happening in washington dc. Okay well just to break it down. Everyone needs to understand that the democrats are working very hard to pass to ells the infrastructure. Bill which is almost one point two trillion dollars and the budget which they had it at three point five trillion. Then they took it up to four point three trillion and that's when mansion and cinema and the senate said no. We will not vote for this. It's too much money. But here's what you all need to know about. Both of these bills them for structure bill is not about paving roads or building. Bridges it's really about socialism as a matter of fact almost about round six percent of the infrastructure bill only goads towards real infrastructure roads and bridges. The rest of it is full on socialism with big programs in even seven point. Five billion dollars that will build five hundred thousand electric vehicle charging stations all over the country because they want to force america on electric vehicles which will force us to be energy independent or energy dependent. I'm sorry on china and then the budget. The budget is even worse. The budget is full passage of the green new deal and more socialism. These will be programs will never be able to undo. It will fully wreck our economy and hurt americans in the future

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