A highlight from Whats Stanley Tucci Doing for Thanksgiving?


So holiday dinner is at my place this year. Everyone's so impressed with the meatballs of lingonberry spread the Ginger things. I may have forgotten to mention that I bought it all at Ikea. Even the plates. The exact year. High food people, I'm a managed appeal and Thanksgiving is now three days away. We're doing a special two part episode and first I'm going to talk to you associate food editor, Rachel gurjar about what to do if you maybe haven't thought as much about Thanksgiving as you should have and have to figure out a dish or maybe an entire menu on the fly, you know who you are, then Don Davis our editor in chief will take over to talk to the one the only the iconic Stanley Tucci. All about his Thanksgiving traditions. Also, his travels through Italy and all the pasta wisdom he gathered along the way. Okay, so our Thanksgiving episode last week had tons of recipe ideas from Kendra and Chris. But let's say you were not quite on the ball, you had a busy week, now Thanksgiving is almost here. And maybe you still don't have a Turkey or you need to come up with a side dish to bring to your uncle's Friends whoever's house or maybe you just reject this idea that Thanksgiving needs to be planned for weeks in advance. It's really just dinner after all. So for all of you, last minute planners and non planners, Rachel gurjar has your back. In this week's Thanksgiving newsletter, she walked us through several Thanksgiving worthy recipes that can all be made in 30 to 45 minutes or less. And with minimal prep required. Rachel, I'm very happy to have you back on the podcast because I definitely fall into this non planar category. Welcome to the other side. Here we are. This is a safe space. It is. Okay, so by the time this is airing, we will be three days out from Thanksgiving. What are your plans this year? Are you hosting? I am hosting when you are the cook slash somebody who works in food and your family. I think, you know, just expected to host. People are like, what time do you want us over? Exactly. I'm like, wait, what? How many people will be at your dinner? I would say somewhere between ten to 13. We'll see. Oh, my God. If I had that many people coming, I think the anxiety would just keep me up at night and I would have to plan. I just don't even know how you're doing this. It's gonna be okay. It's totally gonna be okay. I remember when we were talking about we did a Thanksgiving newsletter series this month. You really jumped at the idea of doing a letter for the procrastinators. Is that because you would call yourself a procrastinator? So no, but this year and it's specifically this month. I just have a lot going on. I have a big travel plans coming up early December. I have to buy gifts early for my family back in India. So I'm very spread then, which is why I was like, you know what? The procrastinators, menu is going to be my go to. I really, really need to do something that's quick and fast and easy and delicious. And really is not going to take a lot of prep. Yeah. And one thing I love about your recipes is you could totally do them as a menu. But if you're looking for a quick dish to make or bring to kind of round out your table, if you think you're missing something or you're worried about running out of food, any one of these could fit the bill. So let's dive into the recipes. We'll start with before the dinner we have the appetizers. Let's say you're invited to a potluck Thanksgiving and need to figure out something lightning fast to bring. What would you suggest? These marinated peppers with basil and garlic. Tell me more. So simple. So they basically use 5 ingredients. You just do a combination of bell peppers, red yellow. You could even add green. If you wanted to, I feel like the green ones are a little bit more punchy, but in this recipe, you know that yellow and orange and red. So they're much more sweeter. You royal these peppers on a baking sheet pan for about 5 to 7 minutes until they're nice and charred. And then you let them cool for about 20 and then when they're cool enough to handle, you peel off and discard all the skins. And then you don't even have to cut. You just tear the peppers apart and discard the seeds. I'm just imagine a frenzy of a person totally panicking just tear these peppers apart. And I mean, you know, I love charred bits so you could leave some of the charred skin in if you want a little bit more of the smoky element. And then you just toss them with some olive oil, some basil, garlic, and salt. And you kind of let the peppers hang out in their own juices and this delicious, simple marinade. And that's it. And yeah, grab a baguette slice it up at the party and make a beautiful platter. And no effort. It's so easy. And it really is 5 ingredients and literally three of those ingredients are salt olive oil and garlic. Yes, and if you wanted to just take it one step further, get a block of feta or cream cheese or some, like any soft creamy, salty cheese, spread on a plate and then through the peppers on top. Oh my God, so there you have it. Okay, so another category that I think of as good for procrastinators is salad because you pretty much have to make your salad day of anyway. So if you're looking for a quick salad option, what would you recommend? I mean, this crunchy greens salad with ranch dressing is delicious. I mean, you had me at ranch. It has shallots, some garlic, you know, a little bit of jalapeno for a kick, Dell tahini lime juice, some rice vinegar, and some bread and butter pickles.

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