Steve Deace: There Have Been Two Constants About COVID Since March 2020


Very few people have covered coronavirus the political implications epidemiologic ones Better than you you've been a very sober mind on this And of course that's made you a target You've written a few great books on in Fauci and bargain and others You know is this something like Groundhog Day again with a crime here I mean how many times are we gonna go through this It's the same cycle Steve over and over again A new variant emerges by the way which happens with respiratory viruses often This is nothing unusual right We don't get the data We're not sure what the R nought is the fatality rate the case fatality rate the infection but we don't know what even The media goes crazy gets everybody losing their minds Draconian lockdowns ensue none of it works Everything kind of dies down but there you go boom another variant appears I mean why not summing that up accurately You are summing it up accurately And what's particular sinister about this one there's actually a report out in just the last hour that shows that this new variant was actually detected in Europe that they've actually traced it to Europe weeks ago And it was just not reported to the medical community or to the world until the medical community in South Africa flagged it that it was brought to them actually And they're the ones that flagged it And then they got repaid of course by being quarantined from the rest of the world what's really sinister about this is if you look at the timing of this you know it does seem to coincide right around the moment that South Africa said to the WHO and to Pfizer that they were not going to sign up for their recurring every 6 months three months 90 days We don't know yet We don't even know what fully vaccinated means now because we don't know how many times we have to keep boost during you It is kind of funny that shortly after they said we're not going to do that We're going to opt out of that Shortly thereafter lo and behold here is this new variant from South Africa and they need to be cordoned off and quarantined from the rest of the world Then there have been two constants Since this began on March 16th 2020 there have been two constants Number one whatever you're not allowed to talk about right now on Facebook or Twitter will be proven true in 3.9 months later That's number one Number two there can be no control groups Because control groups give us observational truth They bring us to objective realities okay And so that's why we don't have random controlled studies on masks That's why they don't want last year We had to ignore Sweden when they didn't lock down and everybody else did We went from being told for 20 years by left the blue check marks we got to be like Sweden to now they're like Sweden rectum barely knew I don't even know where to tell the sweetness It's like okay And then now it's the same thing on vaccine This is why everybody has to get even the naturally immune like me I had COVID back in May It was awful for about a day and a half It felt like there was a entire iron on my chest okay But now I have natural immunity No there can be no control group that shows that maybe our vaccines don't work or have waning efficacy or lo and behold might even be causing three antibody dependent enhancement the variants to become worse And so all of this has been about no control group and things that you are not permitted to say until certain times Those are things that are not about health and they're about power and control Those are authoritarian

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