A highlight from #243: Will Low-Minimum Table Games Return?


Hi everybody. Welcome to you can bet on that podcast for the recreational gambling. My name is Mark of all and sitting across for me as doctor Mike. Hello. Well, so much for us releasing an episode on Monday. Yeah, just didn't work out. Yeah. We'll try and stick to Sundays. Yeah, I think so too. I guess what we just won't commit to anything. And we won't say this will absolutely happen. And then that way, I don't have to go on to Twitter and say, oh. We're going to be delayed a couple of days, just, you know, you'll hear from us when you hear from us. That is consistent with our personality. I guess. What do you think of that? No, but I agree. Recording on Sunday, I think would be good. We'll try and stick to that, of course. This Sunday just was not a just didn't work out. Yeah. We were at the casino too late. I was hurt in the next day, too. You know, before I heard from you, Mike called me and said, oh, you know, let's not do it today. I'm frantic. I got up early, no sleep. And I'm frantically trying to get the show ready, and it was kind of a relief when you called. Let's not do it today 'cause I just went back to bed. Yeah. Say, well, same here. This could not do that. I shouldn't have even. We always go with intentions to stay an hour or two and three. And then one thing leads to another and we're there till midnight. Yeah, well, you know what it's like. I mean, we love playing. Right. I mean, even, you know, oh, we should leave, but it's like, this is where we love doing so. And it's our night. Well, I wanted to talk about some listeners that we have run into recently. I know on the better life Tim and I kind of talked about who we ran into in Vegas, but I don't think I mentioned it on this show. We ran into listeners Ryan and Greg. Remember Greg that we met out at Harry's Southern California? Right. That's where we met him first. One of the first listeners we ever met. Yeah. And he ended up moving to Vegas. Right, he doesn't live there anymore. Right. But at one point he did. And so we saw him every time we, yeah, yeah. Also, a bogan was there, you know, Logan, a friend of the community, also reverend Dave, also a friend of the community. And I finally met Kelly and Kevin from Utah. Now you had met I had met them before. Caesar's palace. Yeah, and I don't think they were either on their way somewhere. You didn't really talk to him for very long. Yeah, they were going to something and it was just a quick hello and a couple minutes. Well, it was nice because we played some face up pi gall poker. Actually, we had the whole table. It was Kelly and Kevin, and then Tim Lawson and bogan and reverend Dave. We were all took up the whole table. Played some face up pie gau poker, then I went with Kelly to the crafts table because she wanted to kind of get a sense of how combat's work. And you know how that system might work. Good. And it's interesting because when we're heading over there, Kevin said, I think I'm going to stay here. He really took to the face of it. It was like a new thing for his like, hey. This is something I can really enjoy. It is fun. And it's fairly safe. That's a good way to put it, right? 'cause it's a slow game. A lot of pushes. Sit and have a few drinks. It's the best pressure at all period if you want to have fun with your Friends. Oh, I agree, yeah. Because it goes slow enough that you can talk and chatter. Sometimes black check even goes a little too fast, you know? Well, they diligent, you know, they want your decision. Yeah, it goes so fast, plus, blackjack, your decisions affect what car to other people get. It doesn't matter in the long run, but in the short run, you know, it does, and there's none of that in pago poker. No, no, it's a very fan friendly game. Yes. So anyway, it was great seeing all those people in Vegas. And then out here, it here is a few weeks ago, Mike, we ran into listeners. Dave and Alyssa and their friend Greg, and they played some craps with us for a little while. It was a $50 table and it's scary. It's very scary for me, but I think that Dave did okay. I'm trying to remember either one a little bit or only lost a little bit. Was able to play the $50 table for a while. That night went really well for everybody and I think went down a little and then got back and was up a little and then stopped off. Get out of hand like they always do. Right. So anyway, it was great to see all those listeners and hopefully we'll see maybe we'll get out to Vegas here before too long. Everybody's asking about, are we going to go to zork fest? We can't really commit to it yet. But we'll see. Hey, we got an email from listener Mark. I'm just going to read it here on some episodes. You've talked about various craps sayings. For example, 6 ace in your face. Yes. One of the greats. I don't think I've ever said it. Well, you said it to me. I did say it to you, yeah. I was playing the little individual station craps machines. And I heard one that I hadn't heard before and it made me chuckle. The saying was Cinco dose audios. It was interesting because even if the role was a four three or a 6 one, it would still sometimes say Cinco dose audios. Have you guys ever heard that saying? Yeah. I have two. Again, you don't really hear it. The table very often. Well, because it's kind of rude. Exactly. Maybe a dealer would say it. Kind of an ordinary dealer, right? Or a dealer with just two guys playing who are on the don't, you know? And yeah, that's the time to do it. The whole table is playing the don't. Right. 6 ace in your face. Would be really good. So going back to Marc's email. I also wanted to ask about another saying I've heard when a 5 is rolled. I'm not quite sure what they're saying, but it sounds like 5 fever, viva, FIFA? It's fever. It's fever.

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