The Ruling Class Has Become So Disconnected From the 'Muscular' Class


So there's two types of economic classes in America. And by the way, one is not necessarily better than the other, right? There's the muscular class, and then there's the zoom and Skype class, right? So I'm part of the zoom in Skype class, okay? That doesn't make me a better person. It just so happens. I was able to keep on doing my work in the midst of the lockdown without having to lift boxes or wear a mask all day long. But the people that actually run the country, which I think never got the credit they deserved quite honestly during the pandemic, are the people that worked at the Amazon fulfillment centers. The people that are police officers, the people that are our firefighters, the people that actually drove trucks and instead, you saw this growing disconnect of the people in charge, have this arrogance and this attitude almost as top down revolution like, oh, you work with your hands, you don't have a doctorate from Harvard, your DOM and your stupid, right? And so but we saw this bubbling up in a variety of different ways. And for those of us that look at the stuff really closely and are worried about these trends, we said, this is not sustainable. You can't declare war on the people that actually make your country run and act as if there won't be a backlash against that, right? It's like a steep on serving me food serfs and servants. And we'd always make jokes about it, you know when Nancy Pelosi would be out in Napa Valley and all of her donor Friends were maskless, right? And every single person serving food outdoors were wearing masks, right? And we saw that whether Obama's birthday party in Martha's Vineyard where, you know, we had to kind of watch all the videos of people that had to wear masks or masks, but they were a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. And we saw that some people call double standards or hypocrisy, it's not. It's hierarchy. It's people in charge I think they're actually better than you. So hypocrisy is like if you actually believe the rule or you say it and you do something else, these are people that actually think they're at a different level of

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