A highlight from The Barrett Brief Now Dan Rather Is Offended By Lets Go Brandon? Excellent!


As you remember the granddaddy of fake news journalism. Dan rather was unceremoniously. Removed from cbs. Evening news in two thousand and four after the accuracy of a bogus story where g question george divvy bush's military service. I mean the crazy thing is if you're gonna go after w there's so much there why make something up right. It's not like w it didn't have enough stuff to go after them. But you went after the military service. Of course that's back before people realize the military it was a lost cause and it was an absolute place of veneration with an american popular culture. And of course. The the bush administration dispute it and then his career was tarnished forever. Left in two thousand six And so he's kind of puttered around the internet. He doesn't really have a retirement home. No even keith. olbermann is crazy cell. Found someplace to go. Dan rather kind of not like he doesn't really understand any of this stuff and he's kind of out of the game so they prop him up from time to time they he shows up somewhere. He says a bunch of anti conservative talking points and then they shuffle them back into the retirement space. This is the guy we're dealing with. According to mike miller red-state dot com as the. Let's go brandon. Lg be phenomenon exploded. If only somebody could have come up with l. g. if somebody Finds a way to put it at the end of that. That'd be fantastic. Lgbt as anyway the lg be phenomenon exploded quickly became a rallying drive for the untold. Millions of americans who are over the destruction that regime leader biden as purposefully. What on this union of states. Let's go brandon today nice. Let's go brandon trump. I got my got my top people working on it. We're going to get it to lgbt. Then we should slap it on a shirt and sell it So the liberal media sock puppets have continued their collective historic historic. Tamper tantrum so rather dan rather and co author. Elliot kinser. Would kim can sure which means. Elliot catcher did all the reading all the writing and dan rather just kinda stood in the quarter and babbled some stuff and he wrote it in their here and there They dropped this sub stack essay entitled up. Party in braces vulgarity. That is legitimately the title of this essay saying to these. Your many democrats have said some form of f. donald trump there was even a rap song about it. We have the right to free speech but when republican when republican elected representatives. Say let's go brand. And at the end of a house floor speech like bill posey from florida or a or wary. Let's go bread and facemask like south carolina republican. Jeff duncan did or when ted cruz can't get enough of it something else is going on. This is a movement that is in gulf. The party and party leaders think they can use it to effectively rally their voters. The sad truth is that they're likely right. So let's go. Brandon phenomenon has swept through. And there's a bunch of different reasons why people think that one because people are over Joe biden to It's a form of expression all these things can't be correct. All these things can absolutely be correct but the reason let's go brandon absolutely triggers the left to the point now where they brought out. Somebody like lake. Dan rather to what drop to drop this new statement to drop this new sub stack. It's hysterical. Why because the left cannot control this specific piece of pop culture and they're used to controlling all of it in the fact. They can't do this and they can't turn it and they can't spin it and they can't make it their own really really sets him off so let's go brandon.

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