What's Actually in the House-Passed Build Back Better Bill?


So what is in this bill? This is according to breitbart dot com. They do a wonderful job. House passes behemoth build back better act. Funds, Biden's banking surveillance apparatus, the bill would spend $500 million to hire new Department of Justice tax division surveillance agents to bring civil and criminal cases against Americans if we're not rating enough homes right now. It removes any prohibition regarding Uyghur Muslims in China, Democrats have removed the provision of the previous draft that would have prohibited any funding, provided by title and science spacer technology award a contract subcontract grant or loan to an entity involved with using the forced labor of Uighur Muslims. How about tax pork for trial lawyers? This provision modifies current law expensing rules to allow plaintiff's attorneys to deduct out of pocket litigation costs in the year they are incurred. How about number 6? This is a fun one. The build back better act would add language, creating a tax credit for wages paid to journalists. That's what we need. We need more New York Times reporters. The bill would add $500 million. $500 million. That's the annual operating budget of Pittsburgh every single year to give you an idea. The whole city. For schools of medicine, prioritizing funding, based on racial demographics, and requiring faculty to be hired and students be recruited based on prioritizing racial and demographic characteristics. How about left wing divisive race baiting? This bill with add back language that continues the race baiting attempts. As Americans is oppressive claiming all minorities are denied a full opportunity to participate in the American way of life that's a direct quote out of the bill. That all minorities are denied a full opportunity from participating in American life. There's $2.5 billion for tree equity. It'd be a $2.5 billion slush fund that would send taxpayer dollars to radical environmental groups to plant trees and advance tree equity. The bill asks for hundreds of millions of dollars to promote funding for racism and discrimination training curriculum, funding for healthcare risk training to promote the lips climate agenda and refers to pregnant women as

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