Mark Levin Recalls 'Rules for Radicals' Being Distributed by VISTA in 1980s


They had a program called vista They still have it And as I have described before vista was run by a radical march to banking She now works with other radicals And she runs a pack I think or whatever she does Sam Brown used to be head of this group called action He was part of the students for democratic whatever Society One of those groups And We needed to do something about this This is supposed to help people get out of poverty and sober but that's not what it became but became a hard left ideological operation And as I went down to the office Being the only Reagan guy who was there at that point I think it was December 1980 right after the election I opened some boxes and then I found boxes and boxes and boxes of this book called rules for radicals Thousands of paperback copies Now I didn't know who saw linsky was but I figured it out quite quickly And I read the book People like to talk about this book but they actually haven't read it beginning to end It's a small book It's complaining It's rather incoherent but nonetheless it has the points in there This book that you paid for was being distributed throughout the inner cities By the federal government at your expense taxpayer expense I can only imagine what's in these multi $1 trillion bills That they're passing or want to pass additional bills So you see this playing out today

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